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Whether this is your first attempt to beautify your landscape or you are here to find ideas for a yard makeover, we have a solution for you. Use landscapes to accent your home's exterior and highlight the prevalent natural characteristics of your terrain. Choose products that require low maintenance and complement your property. You can reduce the use of weed killers and fertilizers by using boulders, decorative rocks, mulch, artificial grass, pavers, or flagstone. Click below to see a sample of our product collections.


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Revamp your patio space with Pioneer-manufactured materials that come with a lifetime warranty.


No need to guess. Enter your yard's dimensions and we'll guide you on how much material you need.

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Great Landscapes Start With Us

We know what it takes to create a backyard escape. It begins with an idea, a whim, a photograph. You didn't even know something was possible until you saw it with your own eyes. We have been crafting the outdoor lifestyle for nearly 50 years - let us provide you with some inspiration. Browse ideas, see what others have done, and use your creative juices to make it your own. We'd love to see your projects - please submit them to us - we are proud to be a part of your masterpieces.

Crafting The Outdoor

For Nearly 50 Years

Pioneer Landscape Centers has been a staple in the southwest US for nearly 50 years - offering more landscape products and complementary accessories than any other business in the industry. We know homeowners view their yards as an extension of their home, and need a solution for high-quality products at affordable prices. Pioneer experts can work with you to turn your vision for your yard into reality - whether being a DIYer, or working with a professional contractor.

Since we employ the 'farm to table" method by owning the entire production-to-retail process, cost savings are passed directly on to our customers, allowing homeowners and contractors alike to benefit and have access to the largest inventory, at the highest quality, from 30 locations across Colorado and Arizona. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, cost-savings, and most of all, our customers. Let us help you craft a landscape vision that fits your needs.


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