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Artificial Grass in Phoenix, Arizona

There is no place on Earth more suited for the use of artificial grass than right here in sunny Arizona. High quality artificial grass lawn is almost undisguisable visibly from traditional organic lawn while lasting longer, requiring dramatically less labor for maintenance, and while being significantly better in terms of water conservation. Traditional lawns required constant maintenance. They need fertilizer to grown. They must be mowed on a regular basis. You need to pick weeds and fight against other unwanted plant growth. And finally, you must water them constantly. With artificial grass lawn, you can have a have a beautiful lawn while still protecting the Southwest’s precious water resources.

 For artificial grass in Arizona, Pioneer is your premier destination. Founded in 1968 on the principles of customer services, integrity, and perseverance, Pioneer has decades of experience providing the highest quality outdoor living services and products in the region. We want to be your outdoor partner. We want to help you turn your dream yard into a reality. Standing at the forefront of landscape material companies, we want to help you create the perfect outdoor living space for your lifestyle.

For artificial grass in Phoenix, we pride ourselves in our ability to services the needs of individual homeowners and large-scale contractors. There is no project too large or too small. If you are ready to start the conversation about creating your dream yard, come into one of our 45 locations spread out across Colorado and Arizona. Our knowledgeable, creative, and friendly team is trained to assist you in any way you need. From estimating costs to imaging what your beautiful artificial grass will look like once it is in place, they are there for your needs. For artificial grass in Phoenix, discover the Pioneer difference.