DIY Backyard Storage for Summer’s End


With the kids returning to school and the heat finally about to break, the end of summer brings relief for many of us. However, it also comes with its own challenges. After months of outdoor play, swimming, and other activities your backyard has accumulated bikes, pool toys, and other assorted gadgets. What you once envisioned as a quiet respite from the rest of the world now shows all the signs of wear from the past few months. So, where do you put all this stuff to prevent it from clogging the view of your personal paradise?

Start Small

It’s easiest to start with the small clutter first. BBQ implements, portable speakers, and magazines need to find a home before you can refine your new vision for your outdoor space. A cube storage shelf makes for a simple and affordable solution. They can be fitted with wicker baskets for easy storage of all your outdoor knick-knacks.

For an added bonus, you can fit the bottom row with fun labels for your kids’ favorite outdoor toys, such as water guns and bubble wands for easy access. Keep in mind, many cube storage shelves are not made for outdoor use, so keep it near the house and out of the sun.

Outdoor Living Furniture

More durable storage solutions can be found in specifically made outdoor furniture. Side tables, outdoor coffee tables, and benches are often designed with storage in mind. Invest in a few of these pieces to upgrade your outdoor space and your storage capacity at the same time. Although outdoor furniture made from synthetic resin tends to be the most durable, teak provides a comparable level of durability with a significantly upgraded look.

Storage Shed

Solutions for larger clutter can be more difficult to achieve. Although a simple shed can act as additional garage space for your summer fun needs, it won’t add to the overall look of your backyard. Consider renovating a shed to match your home’s aesthetic and add a small stable to the side for any bicycles or play cars you may have. Without these larger objects, it is easier to maintain a single layer of storage, leaving the body of the shed open to serve as a playhouse. The stabled objects won’t have to be stacked layers deep, and a set of half doors can easily hide them from view, while providing an interesting silhouette to the structure.

Once all your summer clutter has been stored away, the only thing left is to refresh your backyard. Between company, critters, and unpredictable weather, the foundation of your backyard has been put under stress. The gravel and topsoil are displaced, and the grass has a mind of its own, disrupting the clean lines and colors. After months of activity, these landscaping materials need a bit of a pick-me-up to recapture the design of your own outdoor space. Pioneer Landscape Centers offers all the landscape materials you need to re-shape your backyard. Whether it’s a fresh sprinkling of decorative rock, mulch for your garden beds, or replacing your dried-out grass with water-friendly artificial grass, Pioneer will help you get inspired. Call (866) 525-4079 to learn more!