Going Abstract with Your Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Abstract art is moving out of the gallery and into home decor. When planning your modern home design, don’t forget your outdoor entertainment spaces, eccentric swimming pool shapes, creative hedging ideas, colored LED lighting, and geometric backdrops. We’ve got you covered with the landscaping materials you need.

Backdrops and Sculptures


The hottest design element of the year must be this hexagon backdrop. It can be built or ordered in a variety of landscaping materials including wood and metallics. Often used as a wedding arch, this multi-purpose feature can be used in a modern party or as a backyard sculpture.

Other sculptural objects add a touch of whimsy. These garden spheres compliment any garden.

The New Swimming Pool


Consider a uniquely shaped swimming pool for major abstract impact. Pools double as lounges -- complete with fire pits -- and others are shaped like electric guitars.

Circular Patios


Who says your patio must be a rectangle or square adjacent to your house? Circular patios bring a sense of freedom and movement to your outdoor space. Place the patio farther out into the lawn and get the most of the outdoors. Pioneer Landscape Centers has circular patio kits perfect for modern entertaining. Complete the look by placing a backyard fire pit in the center.

Creative Hedging


Abstract hedging is about leaving behind the tortured, delicate details of the past. Embrace bold geometric shapes and creative movement. This multi-tiered hedge can be walked upon as well as admired. It would look great as part of an abstract outdoor entertainment space.

LED Lighting


Outdoor lighting is where the outdoor space gets truly inspired. Vary the design of the sconce or lamp to include a variety of creative accents to existing landscaping materials. LED lights come in an array of colors to make your backyard a wonderland of moods and effects. LED lights are energy-efficient and look beautiful. Choose from orbs, rectangles, squares, and other polygons in multiple sizes and textures. They can be built into your pool, patio, walkways, or wound around trees. Glowing outdoor LED furniture will keep your guests entertained long after the sun goes down.

Patio Furniture


Furniture is architectural and is proven the array of creative design in outdoor furniture. This abstract outdoor seat with a built-in table is the perfect example. The color is bold yet modern and the shape is fluid and unexpected. Adding this piece to your patio or backyard would be a welcome surprise.

Pioneer Outdoor Living

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