Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Front Yard Space?


Your front yard is the first impression of your home. Many don’t realize that this area can be more than an aesthetic contribution to your neighborhood. It should also be a place for guests to enjoy. To learn more about front yard essentials such as artificial grass or yard furniture, reach out to the Pioneer team today!

Drought-Friendly Yards

There are many options for the ground in your front yard. You will want to decide if you want grass, a pathway, stone, or brick. Do you want to be drought-friendly? There are many drought-friendly options for those who want to reduce their water bill or footprint. Succulents and cacti are gorgeous options for plant lovers. These set-ups are often surrounded by landscaping gravel, boulders, or decorative rock formations.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become a very popular option. This allows you to keep realistic-looking grass all-year-round with hardly any maintenance. These artificial lawns require no feeding, no watering, and no mowing. This gives owners a beautiful, low-effort lawn, while reducing the cost of water bills. In recent years, artificial grass has become more realistic, and is offered in an array of styles, from longer blade lengths to different shades of green.

Artificial lawns can last up to 25 years, making them one of the most valuable landscaping investments available.


You may also think about planting a garden. You can choose from an array of flowers and tend to them throughout the year until they thrive in the spring. This can be a rewarding hobby for many people seeking tranquility. The first step is to decide what type of plants you want to use. You can stick to planting your favorite flowers or dip your toes into fruits and vegetables. Spices like thyme and oregano can also make for a fascinating front yard flourish.


Patio furniture is a great option if you truly want to create a space to relax and entertain. Shop around department stores if you want something new, but also browse around thrift stores for more unique, budget-friendly finds. Depending on the safety of your neighborhood, you may want to bolt the furniture to the ground or consider a fence. Fences can also create more privacy, especially if you weave a gorgeous plant through it.

Statement Pieces

A firepit can also be a great centerpiece for nights spent sharing stories. Options include electric fireplaces, or wood-burning, which you would also be able to use to roast hot dogs or s’mores.

Another eye-catching addition to any front yard is a water piece, like a pond or fountain. Regardless of the style you decide on, water provides a sense of tranquility and peace. Additionally, a fountain gives your front yard the reassuring sound of natural, running water.


Consider hiring a landscaper if you don’t have proper experience in building or constructing your own projects. There are many landscapers that specialize in whatever style you decide to go with. Browse online photos and develop an idea of the tone you want so the landscaper has a clear idea.

Creating Your Dream Space

While a backyard offers more privacy, a beautiful front yard can be an inviting space to get to know your neighbors and create a stronger sense of community. Whether you decide to make it more private or opt for an open space, your front yard will be the first impression for anyone who sees your home. Use it as an opportunity to not only the face of your home, but also as a way to express yourself!

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