Backyard Family Adventures for a Rainy Day


Depending on where you live, the rain this Fall may sound like a recipe for a lazy day. However, there are many opportunities for adventure on a rainy day! It’s worth the potentially soggy clothing and wet hair because rain brings a new element into a child’s outside adventures. Next time you see rain in the forecast, grab some rain boots, a raincoat, and try these fun backyard adventures with your family!

1. Tinfoil Boat Races

Tinfoil boat races are fun at any age. All you’ll need is:

  • Tinfoil
  • Twigs or craft dowels
  • Duct tape

You can also use permanent markers and waterproof supplies to further personalize them! Have the kids take some time making a tinfoil boat to sail in the puddles or nearby waterflow. This is a great activity as it blends both crafts and the outdoors.

2. Worm and Bug Catching

While not all children (or parents) may want to traverse the backyard for bugs and worms, this is a great activity for the adventurous. The rain attracts different types of critters than when it’s warmer and dryer out. Grab some mason jars to catch the bugs and enjoy the process of looking up what kind of creature it is. Take the opportunity to teach the kids about local bugs in your area. Once you’re done, the kids can release the bugs back in to the “wild.” Be sure to take lots of photos!

3. Rain Art

Depending on the age of the kids, rain art is a fun way to merge the elements of the earth with art. You’ll need:

  • Paper, paper plates, or a canvas
  • Paint

Depending on what type of material you are using, have the kids drop dots of paint on the material. Once they are done, have them set it outside for a few minutes and see how the rain changes the artwork. Once they are done, dry out the material by hanging them with clips outside, but in a dry area. Take photos at each stage to see the impact of water (before rain, during rain, and after drying).

4. Puddle Jumping

If you have a great driveway or safe area with puddles, have the kids put on their rain boots and let them jump freely in the puddles. Be sure to take photos so they can see who made the biggest splash after they’ve dried off!

5. Sidewalk Chalk

If you have some sidewalk chalk, let the kids draw and see how the water affects their art (similar to the rain art above). If you have a driveway area that slants, this is the best option as the art drawn will slide down versus just getting splattered. Either way, have the kids draw something like a rainbow and see how the colors merge as the rain falls.

6. Weather Forecasting

If you know it’s going to rain in advance, look up and discuss the weather report with your kids. The night before the rain, set out a tall enough cup to accommodate the amount of rain that is predicted. Throughout the next day, have the kids measure the amount of water and track the precipitation. If you want to make a lesson out of it, you can introduce to them to the water cycle and how rain is formed.

Making the most out of what most would call “bad weather” is a really great way to instill optimism in your child. Have some fun with your kids and enjoy the day, rain or shine!

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