Backyard Landscaping Redesign for the Summer

If you’ve gone outside in the last few weeks, it’s painfully obvious that Summer has arrived, bringing with it sweltering sun and ridiculous temperatures. While for many of us the gut reaction is to take shelter on the sofa beneath the AC, it is important to remember not only that we have backyards but why we have backyards in the first place. What better time that the warm Summer months to soak up the great outdoors while in the privacy of your own private oasis?

When considering home remodels, many homeowners gloss over the backyard in favor of trendy kitchen redesigns or gratuitous bathroom makeovers. Not only is the backyard somewhere that a proper redesign can skyrocket the value of your home, but also is somewhere, that with relatively little effort can be transformed into a Summer retreat for friends and family. Using the right components, backyard landscaping design done right will get more use per dollar than most other home remodels during the Summer months.

Artificial Grass

The lawn often blankets most of the surface area in any given backyard. While it is true traditional yards are landscaped with natural grass, the future of backyard landscaping design is in artificial grass. Traditional grass uses hundreds of gallons of water each and every month, which not only means pricey Summer bills for you, but less resources for states in sore need of extra water. Considering it saves you a boat load of maintenance time and stress on your wallet, it’s easy to see why artificial grass is becoming more and more popular. Instead of fussing with weeds and fertilizers, you can now spend more time enjoying a lawn that’s green 365 days a year.

Cook-Out in Style

Summer is prime cooking season, especially for BBQ’s. What better way to host a warm-weather cookout for your friends and family, than to have your own personal BBQ haven. Replace that rotting wooden deck with durable flagstone for a modern space to host backyard gettogethers for years to come. A built in BBQ, sink, and storage area ensures you’re prepared for whatever food is thrown your way.

For added versatility and more social space, add a stone fire pit. This not only contributes an intimidate element to your yard, but can be adapted to almost any space. Get creative with seating and before you know it you’ll have a gathering place that will quickly become the burning heart of your yard. Fire bowls and even tabletop fires are additional ways to bring a little light to those cozy Summer nights.

Carve Your Own Path

Having all the elements of a great backyard is impressive, but it’s how you tie it all together that truly makes it complete. Using a variety of materials, craft pathways through lawns, around the pool and in convenient ways to cater to Summer foot traffic. Utilize flagstone, river rock, cobble and moss rock to create functional and eye-catching pathways.

You can employ decorative boulders as well to line your path or place throughout the yard. Boulders are advantageous because they come in nearly any shape, color or size. There are two main types of boulders: Surface and manufactured. Surface boulders are naturally formed and often characterized by their smooth edges or round appearance. Manufactured boulders have clearly defined edges and come in a variety of colors to match any style needed.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Like anything, it’s often the little things that add the final touch. Tie your whole yard together by keeping the following additions in mind:

  • Adequate lighting
  • Edging garden beds
  • Mulch and soil mixes
  • Gardening tools (shovel, cultivator, garden hoe, etc.)
  • Retaining walls
  • Railroad tie fence posts
  • Erosion control products
  • Fountains or ponds
  • Creative use of shade

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