Beginner’s Tips for the World of Landscaping


For someone who’s never invested in a landscaping project before, the prospects can seem overwhelming. There are so many endless opportunities available to you in terms of landscaping supplies and design elements, so it can be difficult to know where to start. But don’t fret: at Pioneer Landscape Centers we understand exactly how you feel. We want to help you understand the basics of landscaping by introducing some beginner’s tips and concepts to get you started. With this easy guide, you’ll get the hang of landscaping in no time.

Keep it Simple

The best way to start your beautiful landscaping project without getting overwhelmed is to start small. Keep things simple by taking the time to gain a solid grasp of landscaping basics before you dive in headfirst. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time to develop your plan and implement it a little bit at a time.

For example, you can start out with something as simple as a rock garden or a flower planter. Add a little bit to it when you can, and don’t worry about completing your entire yard at once. The beauty of a landscaping project is that you can enjoy the slow and simple process, adding a little bit here and there when you can. It’s great practice to work on your yard for a couple of hours at a time and play with different landscaping supplies to find something you’re happy with.

Make a List

Before setting your ideas in stone, make sure you have everything written down. Consider everything you may need and want in a yard. Do you want to grow a vegetable garden? Do you want to build a swimming pool? Do you want to have an area of your yard set aside for your kids to play? All these things should be taken into consideration before you start physically adding to your yard.

You don’t have to have an entire master plan ready right away. Simple ideas and projects here and there are more than enough to get you started. You have all the time in the world to play with different ideas and plan out the various areas of the soon-to-be backyard of your dreams.

Pace Yourself

Once you get started planting flowers, digging trenches, or laying gravel, it can be difficult to stop. You’ll feel inspired to finish everything as quickly as possible, so you can see your entire plan unfold before your eyes. At Pioneer, we know better than anyone how exciting it is to be invested in a project like this! The momentum is truly invigorating as the fruits of your efforts start to come to life. However, be sure that you are pacing yourself.

Leave yourself some room for change. If you move too quickly, you may not be considering important elements such as scale and sizing. When you work on your yard a little bit at a time, you have a much easier vantage point, which allows you to recognize where you may need to incorporate taller trees or more diverse plant life. While repeating sizes and color is encouraged, you should also think about adding a little diversity here and there. All in all, when you pace yourself and take time to view your yard as a whole, you will be more pleased with the finished results.

Invest in the Right Landscaping Supplies

Your landscaping goals can only go as far as the landscaping supplies available to you. That’s why Pioneer Landscape Centers is your premier choice for materials, products, and professional design ideas. Our friendly team would be thrilled to provide further assistance to help get you started on your very first landscaping project. For more supplies, or for more information about beginner’s tips, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (866) 525-4079. We look forward to seeing your yard evolve!