Benefits of Getting an Artificial Grass Installation


Deciding between grass and artificial grass for your yard can be a difficult decision to make. However, it doesn’t have to be. Sports fans everywhere know the grass is greener with an artificial grass installation, but do you? Let’s look at some of the advantages of using artificial turf over regular grass in your yard.

Zero Maintenance

Have you ever spent time caring for a natural lawn? Then you might remember all the hard work that went into it – the constant watering, mowing, weed-killing and more. And sometimes, the grass still died.

With artificial grass, no maintenance is required. No watering, no weed-killing and no mowing needed. All you have to do is lay down the artificial turf exactly where you want it and forget about it. If leaves or dirt fall on it, simply sweep them off, or wait for the rain to rinse it off. With artificial grass, you can focus on the things you enjoy doing in your yard instead of yard work, like hosting barbeques and spending time with your family.

Green grass. All the time.

With regular grass, it will go into a dormant stage during winter that will turn it brown. If you live in a dry or drought-ridden area, your grass might be perpetually dead and brown. Or maybe you have a large area in your yard that is shaded, causing the grass to turn brown. When using artificial turf instead of regular grass, you won’t have to worry about it turning brown. And since it requires no water to retain its green color, your water usage will go down.

Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass benefits the environment in a number of ways:

  • Since it requires no upkeep, you can save the water that you would normally use on regular grass. It also does not require maintenance from a gas or electric powered machine (i.e. a lawn mower), so you save in that area as well.
  • No toxic chemicals, like ones found in some weed killers, are needed when using artificial turf. These chemicals are dangerous to you, your children, pets, and can contaminate runoff water that will pollute rivers, lakes and the ocean.
  • The cheapest artificial grass available is recycled artificial grass, helping you hit the “reuse” part in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. This type of artificial grass is repurposed for residential properties, and keeps waste out of landfills.

  • Money Saving

    After installing artificial grass, you will not have to spend money maintaining it. No money will be spent on water, weed killer, gas or electricity to power the lawn mower or on a gardening service. All you will need to do is give the grass a light sweeping occasionally.

    When it comes time to replace the artificial turf, it is easier and more cost effective than replacing natural grass. You can even repurpose some of the turf that still has some life left in it, like using it for a garden path or dog run.


    Artificial grass is more enjoyable for your children to play on than regular grass. Think about it: after playing in the yard outside with artificial grass, no more muddy prints will be tracked through the house or dirt sprinkled all over the carpet. Artificial grass is perfect for pets as well. Artificial grass also tends to be softer than regular grass, making falls easier on little ones.

    As you can see by the benefits mentioned above, having an artificial grass installation is more advantageous than regular grass. With artificial turf, you can get the green grass you have always wanted for your yard.

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