Going Above and Beyond with Your Outdoor Christmas Decorating


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With Thanksgiving behind us, preparation for Christmas is in full effect. Decorations on the inside of your home may include a decorated tree, wrapped presents, stockings, and mistletoe. However, if you want to go 200% with your holiday spirit, outdoor Christmas decorating can be a fun and festive tradition for your family home.

Below you will find some of the most fun and creative outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for your home.

Outdoor Christmas Tree

If you are in the right climate, plant an outdoor Christmas tree in your yard. It’s a fun way to bring one of the most iconic representations of Christmas from the indoors out into the fresh air. Decorate it with lights, outdoor-friendly ornaments, and finish it with a star on top.

Ornament Ball Wreath

One of the easiest ways to decorate your front door, entry gate, or fence posts is to put up an eye-catching wreath. While many people make their own with the leftover Christmas tree trimmings, opting for ornaments is a fun way to switch up an old tradition. You can use older ornaments and color coordinate them with your overall Christmas theme.

Hay Bale Christmas Tree

Celebrate a country Christmas by creating a hay bale Christmas tree as a fun alternative to traditional outdoor Christmas decorations. You can get a few hay bales and position them in a pyramid like a tree. Decorate the hay bales with cascading Christmas lights and galvanized stars for a fun, rustic, and country-style feel.


Pick a theme with your light color and create a winter wonderland. Opt for white or blue for a wintery, cold theme that will make you want to stay inside and sip hot cocoa until it’s time to unwrap presents.


Utilize your rooftop if it’s safe to do so. Your roof is a great place to put up something like a nativity scene, Santa and his reindeer, or any other scene that goes with your outdoor Christmas theme.

Porch Wagon

Grab an old red, classic Radio Flyer wagon to bring some nostalgia to your yard. Fill it with firewood wrapped in a red bow, or small Christmas trees with lights.

Homemade Arrow Post

Creating a post with arrows pointing to various festive places is fun for the whole family. You can paint the signs with “North Pole,” “Reindeer Barn,” or “Santa’s Workshop.”


For a more rustic look, you can find some old wooden sleds and perch them on your front porch. If you prefer a more finished look, paint them red and accent with gold. To take things truly rustic, sand them down until the wood is visible.


Border your porch (or entire home) with garland instead of only lights. You can also weave the lights in with the garland. If you have a lighter colored house this is a nice way to create a defined border. Add a few red bows to select spots for a pop of color (fence posts, entry gate, or the front door).

Laser Lights

If you want to maximize the Christmas spirit this year, laser lights are a fun way to light up your home and set yourself apart from the rest of the block! The lasers will light up your whole home with various images such as snowmen, Santa, or ornaments.

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