Budget Friendly Landscaping Ideas That Make Your Yard Look Expensive


Most people focus on the inside of the house, and the yard doesn’t get as much priority as it should. Although the inside of the house is important, your yard can make your whole property value increase, give you a place to host parties, or make a relaxing spot for you to unwind when you need to get away from life’s responsibilities. Just because you want an upscale yard doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Pioneer Landscape Centers has the landscaping materials that can transform your yard, and most importantly, do it on a budget.

Tending to Your Yard

Start with the basics. A simple way to make your yard look nicer is to mow the lawn, pull weeds, and tend to any garden areas. The simple act of keeping your yard clean and pristine will make it look better, and it is quite cheap. You don’t need to spring for a gardener and can do all this work yourself.

Alternatives to a Traditional Grass Lawn

A great alternative to orthodox grass is to utilize artificial turf instead. This is as low maintenance as you can get and is eco-friendly as well. The initial price of installing the turf is the only cost you must worry about, as it does not need to be watered, fertilized, or mowed. This is an effective way of keeping your lawn fresh without having to spend time or money on its upkeep.

There are also many options of ground coverings that could take the place of regular grass that will require much less attention. Creeping thyme and clover are great groundcovers that feel and look like grass, but do not require as much maintenance.

Add Lighting and Accents

You can use little things that are not expensive to easily bring your yard to the next level. One option is lighting, which can turn your yard into an elegant space to spend time. Typically, hanging string lights in the trees or utilizing globe lights over a sitting area are great additions to your yard, but there are less orthodox ways you can utilize lighting. LED lights can be strung on the stairs or handrails to add even more ambiance. Upward lighting on trees, shrubs, or gardens you particularly like are a great way to add visual drama and spotlight the things you enjoy most in your yard. Adding smaller accents to your yard is a great way to include new flair and style. Just because your yard has “outdoor” furniture doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it like your indoor spaces. Adding rugs, throw pillows, candles, and other fun trinkets will make your outdoor space as inviting as your indoor space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

One of the most elegant rooms of your house is most likely your living room. A fireplace is the major contributor that makes that space more sophisticated. Fireplaces shouldn’t just be utilized in the house, and a great way to make your backyard look expensive is to incorporate one in your yard. Not only does it add something unorthodox to your yard, but it is practical as well providing heat and light for those dark, cold night. Pioneer Landscape Centers has outdoor fireplace kits that you can use that are both cost effective and stylish. Reach out to us at (866) 525-4079 for more backyard inspiration and landscaping supplies.