Building a Backyard Playground


Many parents of young children would love for their kids to spend more of their free time outside. Playing outdoors minimizes kids’ stress levels, reduces their risk of childhood obesity, and may even help increase their attention spans. Nonetheless, parents are often hesitant to allow their kids to play outdoors due to fears about traffic, predators, or because of a lack of nearby outdoor play areas.

Installing safe and fun backyard playground materials is the best solution for creating an outdoor space the whole family can enjoy.

Many parents love the idea of building a custom outdoor playground for their children but aren’t sure where to start. Luckily, today’s versatile backyard playgrounds allow pieces to be mixed-and-matched, with parts expanded and changed as your children and family grow.

Customizing your own backyard set requires a few basic considerations.

Playground Safety Features

Safety is always number one for parents when making decisions about their children. When planning a backyard playground, you will need to consider safety features for the parts and pieces you choose. Even a small injury is unnecessary and can be avoided by choosing safe backyard playground elements.

PLAYSOFT Playground Mulch

A large part of safety on the playground involves putting proper covering on the ground so there is less risk of injury in case of falls. One of the most popular ground coverings available is engineered wood fiber mulch - available as PLAYSOFT Playground Mulch at Pioneer, the country’s top landscape supplier.

Playground Mulch provides several benefits to your backyard playground:

  • Low cost
  • Simple installation
  • Proper cushioning
  • Looks great

  • PLAYSOFT Mulch is used on playgrounds all over the country, replacing older cushioning materials such as gravel and sand. Engineered wood fiber is IPEMA certified for playground safety.

    Safe Playground Space

    You must have the space where you plan to build your playground checked and deemed safe before you start building. One thing to check for is a level yard with solid ground underneath.

    Your playground space should be clear of:

  • Electrical wires
  • Overhanging branches
  • Fences
  • Pools
  • Other potential hazards

  • Regular Upkeep

    Parents should make sure to check every two weeks for:

  • Loose or broken hardware
  • Frayed ropes and chains
  • Broken ladders
  • Damaged swing seats
  • Any other damaged areas

  • If you find any areas that could cause injury to your children, repair or replace them immediately.

    Adult Supervision

    Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult while playing on their backyard playset.

    Backyard Playground Essentials

    When it comes to designing your custom playground, remember it’s just that – custom built. That means the pieces you choose depend completely on your preference. There are a wide variety of parts to choose from including swings, slides, climbing equipment and other features that can be adjusted to fit your children’s age and ability level – and changed to fit as they grow.

    Artificial Grass

    Artificial grass (or turf) is a synthetic surface which is made to look just like real grass. Unlike natural grass it requires little to no maintenance. Pioneer Landscape Centers offers artificial turf in a variety of colors and thicknesses made in the USA - and most come with a 10-year warranty. Pioneer is proud to be the first in the country to offer 3 IPEMA-certified Playsoft Turf systems.

    Playground grass provides a soft, safe surface for unrestrained play. It is:

  • Durable
  • Clean
  • Accessible
  • Antistatic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Safe
  • Low-maintenance

  • Custom Building your Backyard Play Set

    Custom building your backyard playset can be done in a few short steps.

    Choose your Base

    You’ll normally have a choice between two base styles:

  • Traditional square base (multi-purpose platform base)
  • Angle-base open design (open in the middle with activities on the sides)

  • Choose a Size

    Considering the size of your yard and the ages of your children, consider these options:

  • Deck height (ground to playset base)
  • Head room (platform deck to roof)
  • Swing beam height
  • Slide length

  • Build your Combination

    Most playsets come with a standard base and activities. From there, you can add more features and activities to suit your own wishes. Some of your options include:

  • Swing beams
  • Monkey bars
  • Sky lofts
  • Spiral slides

  • Pick your Options

    Every detail of your playset is customizable. Toddler bucket swings can be changed out when your child grows; you can also choose a green tarp roof to blend in with nature. Some popular custom options include:

  • Type of swings
  • Choice of roof material
  • Type of slide
  • Choice of climbing equipment

  • Why Build a Backyard Playground?

    Give your family a great reason to go outside and stay outside with their very own custom backyard playground. These wonderful structures help children exercise, have fun and let their imaginations grow while developing their endurance, self-confidence, physical skills and coordination.

    Premier Landscape Supplier

    Pioneer is your landscape supplier for playground mulch, artificial grass, and other supplies you need to build the ultimate backyard playground. Pioneer has been crafting the outdoor experience for over 50 years – as the leading hardscape and landscape supplier in the nation, we offer high-quality products as reasonable prices. Contact Pioneer at (866) 525-4079.