Commercial Landscaping Trends for 2020


Fresh and striking landscaping trends are in full effect this year. The new decade has kicked off and this year simplicity is in. Commercial landscape trends for 2020 are sleek and simple. Below you will find a few of the landscaping trends for commercial real estate properties this year.


Symmetry is out this year! Instead of having a strict design filled with exact symmetry, unstructured edges, curves, and lines are the new eye-catching trend. While most are concerned that the lack of symmetry will make the landscape unbalanced or messy, it provides a visually appealing change if done correctly. Symmetry and asymmetry can be used to create a focus in certain areas that businesses may want to draw attention to.


Water has been a longtime trend, but it’s still a must-have in 2020. Water features are not only visually appealing, but they can also provide soothing sounds. The calming sounds of the water can provide an oasis in the midst of a bustling city or even a busy commercial area. In addition to the sound, you can add lighting which adds to the impact, especially when it’s dark out.


Lighting is something that all businesses can use to enhance their landscape. The type of lighting will depend on the specific business. Between solar lanterns, string lights, fairy lights, and garden spikes, there’s something that will be right for you and your business when it comes to lighting. Lighting can set a mood that invites business. If you have a coffee shop in the middle of a business park with career professionals, opt for some relaxing mood lighting to draw them in. When considering lighting, think about how you want potential passerby to feel when they see your business. The goal is to draw people in and make them feel comfortable.


A new trend in landscaping is creating multiple levels to add depth to the area. Landscape experts say that this allows businesses to create multiple different aesthetics to appeal to different people. It’s a way to appeal to the masses and provide something for everyone. Creating levels may requires professional landscaping. Having landscaping experts help you can reduce any potential land and zoning issues as well.

Porcelain Tiles

There are multiple benefits to porcelain tiles as compared to just basic cement. First, they are visually appealing and trendy. The modern feel makes those who walk in feel fresh. They’re also extremely versatile and last. For areas with high foot traffic this is helpful because porcelain is dense and resistant to scuffs and scratches. Lastly, porcelain absorbs moisture when it freezes which allows for expansion. Porcelain tile is both beautiful and high quality, making it a great investment.

Low Maintenance

Creating an oasis in a commercial area can be difficult. Keeping things simple and sleek is key. While you’ll want to add some flair, like asymmetry and water, keeping things smooth and calm is on trend in 2020. The world is chaotic and visual simplicity can provide people with a feeling of tranquility. We advise starting with artificial grass. This trending solution saves water, maintains a natural feel, and takes the headache out of upkeep.

While updating your landscaping in 2020 may seem like an extra cost that might not be completely necessary, it is important to maintain a welcoming entry into your business. The area outside your business will likely be judged just as much as your actual business. It could be the difference between someone walking into your office or going to your competitor. Taking the time to customize and improve your commercial landscaping is vital to the success and image of your business.

Commercial Landscaping

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