Create a Beach Oasis in Your Backyard with Landscaping Sand


Why settle for something conventional like a regular pool or a lawn when you can create a serene beach oasis in your backyard? Together with our experts at Pioneer Landscape Centers, creating a beach oasis in your backyard is not only an option, but also an incredible and unique theme for your space. For information on logistics, landscaping sand, tools, and any other questions you have, contact us today.

Salt Water Pool

While traditional outdoor pools are a great option, opting for a salt-water pool will make your beach oasis truly authentic. A salt-water pool uses a chlorine generator, which produces sodium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine. Aside from producing softer-feeling water, their lower chlorine levels are much gentler on the eyes and skin and really will complete your beach oasis. By choosing this style of pool, you can get rid of that chlorine smell during and after swimming that has a negative association with public pools.

Landscaping Sand

It wouldn’t be a backyard beach oasis without sand! Whether you decide to use landscaping sand in pathways or leading into your pool, it is important to speak with the experts at Pioneer to determine which materials and what layout is best for your beach oasis. This also sets your backyard apart from more conventional backyards and really gets you in the spirit of sunbathing and lounging on the beach by replicating the look and feel of a firsthand beach experience. You can now easily feel the soft, warm sand between your toes right outside your home, and the best part is that this beach will never be crowded.

Color Palette

To bring your beach oasis to life, make sure to pick a beach-y color palette to seamlessly tie everything together. For a coastal look, bright whites, soft neutrals, and shades of blue are a great option for your backyard oasis. On the other hand, you can create a more tropical color palette by implementing some different palettes, complete with bright colors and lush greens. Do some research on the aesthetic that you want to emanate from your yard and pick a color palette that will make your theme a reality.

Beach-y Décor

Also in line with your color palette is your beach-y décor! For a modern look, styled rope is an incredibly trendy décor piece that is sure to wow your guests while also sticking with your theme. There are also classic décor options like pebbles, seashells, tiki torches, or a sand bar! This is where you really get to be creative and incorporate touches that will make your space unique and special. There are no wrong choices regarding picking out décor, and always pick what you like; this is YOUR beach oasis after all. Another helpful tip for picking out décor is to always test out the more practical pieces before purchasing. A lounger or chair may look stylish, but if it doesn’t feel good to sit on, then you won’t be getting much use out of it. Pick things that are fashionable, but also functional, so that you can get the most out of your backyard.

Summertime can be here year-round by creating a beach oasis in your own backyard, and the experts at Pioneer Landscape Centers are here to help make that a reality. Be sure to contact us at 866-525-4079 for any questions about landscaping sand or other landscaping needs.