Creative Ways to Design Your Backyard Fire Pit


Is there anything better than spending an evening cozying up next to the fire pit? Whether you are a fan of spending some quality time outdoors, roasting s’mores, or entertaining at home, a fire pit is a great addition to any backyard. With so many options to consider in making your design creative, unique, and functional, it is important to speak with the expert landscape supplier, Pioneer Landscape Centers, for all your landscaping needs. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider when creatively designing your backyard fire pit.


Before picking the location of your fire pit, it is important to consider what you want from your fire pit. For example, if you are looking for your fire pit to bring your guests together and encourage conversation, then having the fire pit in a more prominent place of your backyard would work best since you want it to be the focal point. However, if you are looking to make additional changes to your backyard (i.e. a swimming pool or Jacuzzi), then you may want to place your fire pit in a corner or on the side of your yard. It is also important to remember that your fire pit does not have to follow a traditional placement and instead can be placed under a veranda so that you can enjoy it throughout every season.


One of the great aspects of designing your own backyard fire pit is that you can have complete creative freedom over style and feel. Whether you are considering a modern stone basin, a rustic wood look, or timeless homey feel, it is important to speak with a landscape supplier that understands your vision and can help you execute it.

Play with the Shape

The shape of your fire pit can vastly influence the look and feel of your backyard. While many choose to opt for the traditional circular fire pit, there are a variety of other shapes that can complement your backyard. Whether you end up selecting the conventional circular fire pit or a modern, long, rectangular one, you can complement the shape with the furniture that you select. Consider circular furniture to compliment the round shape of the fire pit, or long family-style seating for a rectangular fire pit.

Use Texture to Draw the Eye

To enhance your fire pit, use a different texture around it to draw the eye to the pit. For example, if most of your backyard is grass, then adding landscape gravel around the fire pit can make it stand out.

Get Creative with Décor

While it is important that your fire pit is the style you like and complements the feel that you are looking for in your backyard, it is important to also be creative with the décor around the fire pit. To add ambience to the space, consider adding some strings of market lights or tiki torches. Also, consider adding comfy pillows to add a soft touch and keep your guests comfortable.

A Landscape Supplier You Can Trust

For the ultimate backyard experience, having a creatively designed fire pit can make all the difference. Our incredible team at Pioneer Landscape Centers not only has the knowledge and experience, but the passion and drive to help you craft a fire pit that you will love. Whether you have questions on landscaping, supplies, or how to get started, our team is ready to help you on your journey to your dream fire pit. Call at (866) 525-4079 to learn more.