Creative Ways to Store Plants in Your Backyard


A backyard is part of the home that tends to get less love than the others. It is easy to assume that because it’s outside, there is simply no way to spruce it up. This is a common misconception! The houses that have time and effort put into their backyards typically have a much higher value. It’s an easy place to start to build the prestige of your home and create a unique space to host a party or enjoy on your own. One way for aspiring landscaping hobbyists to up their game is with the assembly of their plants.

The greatest part of any backyard is that they are essentially a blank canvas for creativity. Your only limits are your imagination. Even the smallest ideas can produce the largest statements. If you need landscape supplies or guidance on your backyard builds, visit Pioneer Landscape Centers for one-of-a-kind inspiration.

Take a look at some of the more interesting and low-cost ways to store plants in your backyard!

Use Containers to Their Fullest Extent

Using containers to store plants in your backyard is a great idea for both big and small spaces. Whether you have a large yard with a garden space allocated, or a smaller patio, the use of containers has numerous benefits.

They allow for plants to be self-contained, which means weeds are unlikely to be a problem.

Containers can also be placed at varying heights for a unique display, as well as being easier to reach. This also allows for the plants to be safe from any curious children or pets.

Flexing your creativity with planting containers is a great way for beginners to create a space that is unique to their abilities and desires. You can use anything as a container, including unorthodox items. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Wheelbarrows for a rustic and overgrown look
  • Concrete blocks for an urban meets rural aesthetic
  • Vintage mailboxes
  • Old cooking pots or bowls that you can longer use in the kitchen
  • Shoes that are broken or no longer fit
  • Bird baths and bird cages to add some flare for the birds that may visit

Hanging Your Plants

No matter what type or size of backyard you have, there is almost always a unique way to hang plants. Wall hangers are available that can be used to grow herbs, so you can have something functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Hanging plants from a patio or covering with hooks and chain saves space and adds some three-dimensional greenery to your space.

If you have a fence in your backyard, you can utilize that space for plants as well. Creating wooden boxes that can attach to your fence will allow for additional plants to be grown without using extra space. It also adds some flare to a fence, which is often an aesthetically underutilized component of a backyard.

Trellises are also a useful piece of hardware to hang plants and save space while doing so. A trellis is an orthodox piece of gardening equipment that you can personalize for your specific style.

Organize Your Plants into Sections

You can utilize small or large plastic, wood, or concrete trays to make plant communities that complement your backyard. Grouping different types of plants together, such as conifers, bulbs, or ferns, can create mini gardens that you can hang or place anywhere in your backyard. Try hanging a rectangular tray of succulents on the wall or putting a square tray of shrubs on your patio table to add some spice to everyday areas.

Water Features

You can repurpose old fountains or ponds into beautiful areas for your plants. If the water feature still works, you can even add plants to the area to give it more style and personality.

There are so many different things you can do to repurpose or reformat existing backyard items to store plants. No matter where your imagination takes you, make sure you have the best gardening supplies, which you can find at Pioneer Landscape Centers. Call us at (866) 525-4079 if you have any additional questions. We are here to help realize your vision!