Creative Ways to Use River Rocks in Your Yard

One of the most versatile components for a landscape makeover is river rock. A rich variety of different textures and colors make this element perfect for your next backyard or front yard makeover. Depending on what kind of river rock you choose, you can completely change the look and feel of your yard. Read on for the benefits of river rocks and some creative ideas to get you started on designing your new landscape.

Why River Rocks?

There are many options for ground cover in a landscape. Grass, shrubs or bushes, dirt, wood chips or rubber chips, etc. However, river rock remains the perfect choice for landscaping. Some main benefits to using river rock in your landscapes:

  • No maintenance: River rock does not require the same care given to living elements in your yard. There is no need for water maintenance, but will not warp or become damaged when wet. It will not change color in the sun.
  • They last forever: Because you are working with rock, practically nothing will cause it to deteriorate. It is immune to water damage and sun damage.
  • Options: Customize your yard by outlining paths or supplementing your garden with smooth beach pebbles, larger cobblestone river rock or a variety of grainier pebble textures. Shades of brown, pink, grey, black and maroon ensure whichever style of river rock you choose augments your yard the best.
  • Ideas for Your Landscape

    When designing spaces with river rocks, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here are our best ideas for using this element in your yard:

  • Create a unique looking staircase if you have a slope in your backyard. You can use large slabs of rock in whatever size you need to create the staircase.
  • To create visual interest, make a pathway using different textures and complimenting colors. For example, you can use small pebbles for a base layer, and then add large, flat slabs of rock to create a walkway. This will add depth and become an area of interest in your yard. You can even surround this walkway with greenery for a nice juxtaposition.
  • Use more than one type of river rock. All the diverse types of rock have different shapes, sizes and colors that can be combined to create something truly unique. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!
  • You can create a rock pathway and patio that is durable and easy to maintain. This will add natural beauty to your backyard, and highlight a point of interest.
  • Need a retaining wall in your yard? Use river rock. Large rocks provide a functional and creative way to protect your backyard.
  • Create a rock garden to utilize that useless, empty corner in your backyard. If you have extra space and don’t know what to do with it, a rock garden can show off your creativity. It’s up to you how you want to design it; you can include several types of rock, water features, plants, etc. Unlike a regular garden, this will require less maintenance. You’ll be amazed at how much natural beauty can be added to your backyard through a rock garden.
  • For something a little more creative, you can lay a pathway of dark colored rocks surrounded by light colored rocks to mimic the look and feel of water in a desert. Make sure the border of the dark rocks is irregular to look like water, and make sure the rocks are all about the same size.
  • Have a lot of greenery in your backyard? Enhance the look of the green plants and shrubs with dark, blue-toned rocks. The dark blue really brings out the green of the plants, creating a stunning visual contrast.
  • A flagstone walkway into your backyard can give your visitors an obvious path to take. This is a great option for people who entertain frequently and want guests to know where to go.

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