DIY Garden Art Projects


It’s time to get out there and flex your landscaping chops. When it comes to the garden, there are endless, artful ways to be unique.

At Pioneer Landscape Centers, we know all about the gardening bug. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Get started with your favorite gardening art projects today! From little decorations to big landscaping ventures, here are a few easy landscaping ideas to get you started.

1. Painted Rocks

This has always been a popular project for kids. If you have a large family, this is the perfect idea to start your creative gardening journey. From ladybugs to little creatures with googly eyes, there are plenty simple ways you can paint rocks to bring them to life.

Give your garden a little bit of character by arranging the rocks in a way that allows you to express your personality. Get your kids involved, too. They’ll love going outside and making a world of their own.

2. Birdhouses

Nothing can bring you closer to nature than the lovely sound of birds singing melodic songs in the morning. If you want to invite more of these friendly creatures to your garden, then they’ll need some quality real estate opportunities.

This is also another great project you can invest in with your kids or on your own time. Houses can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Just be sure to leave a hole large enough for birds to get cozy and nest in!

3. Rustic Decorations

Give your garden a rustic look by incorporating some old tools and objects you may not use anymore. For example, old watering cans can give a vintage and wholesome look to your garden by adding new textures and colors. The remnants of an old picket fence, or a rusting iron bench can really give value and curb appeal to your garden.

It’s all about what you consider to be your own unique style. Once you have a theme in mind, be sure to stick with it, emphasizing consistency across the board.

4. Use a Wheelbarrow as Your Base

Don’t have enough room on the ground to make a garden? No problem! You can use a rustic wheelbarrow or large bucket to grow your potted plants in. Conversely, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate it into your larger yard. Use bushes to surround the barrel and blend your landscape.

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