Effective Ways to Design a Large Backyard


Trying to figure out how to design a large backyard can be a daunting task. Finding the right outdoor design ideas and solutions are key to making your large backyard a space you look forward to spending time in.

The Basics

The first key to tackling your large backyard is to get the right site plan so you can focus on a balanced layout that has the right blend of paved areas, gardening touches and lawn space. A poor plan can leave you with a mess, but the right plan will identify the space available to you, so you can accomplish your design goals.

Diverse Living Areas

You want to create a plan that divides your large outdoor space into intimate outdoor “rooms.” Setting up these spaces involves planting the right type flowers and plants that provide color throughout all the seasons as well as create a natural boundary for the area. It is also important to think about what these “rooms” will be used for. Different “rooms” will require different plants and furniture. Will you be using the area for dining, relaxing or entertaining? Each option requires a different and unique look.

Compelling Features

With a large landscape, it’s important to draw the eye to a point where you have a visual payoff. For example, a large sculpture or beautiful tree can create a visual starting point for a large space. You want something that will work for all seasons without appearing monotonous. You can give your yard an endless look by creating a tiered planting arrangement using accent trees and large shrubs in the back, shorter trees, shrubs and grass in the middle and larger perennials in the front. This can give depth and color to your yard and create a wonderful outdoor space that draws your eye immediately outside and is an extension of your home.


Kids and large backyards seem to go together but you don’t want something that becomes unruly or looks like a messy outdoor toy box. A good designer can help you to develop a kid-friendly backyard that gives your family lots of room to play, while also providing outdoor adult living space for entertaining or dining.

Resort Style Living

For some, a large backyard is the chance to set up a resort-style pool, outdoor kitchen and bar or really create a wonderful space for relaxing and entertaining. For those in warmer climates, a large outdoor space can be a year-round luxury. If you have a coastal climate, a usable outdoor space can literally be an extension of your home. It takes the right site plan to make it work effectively to ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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