Famous Landscaping Projects to Inspire Your Yard


Does your landscaping project need a little pick-me-up? Are your plans lacking imagination? Check out these stunning landscaping projects from around the world, then visit Pioneer Landscape Centers for landscaping supplies in Arizona and Colorado to make your dreams a reality!

Sue Dubois Garden

London, England


The Sue Dubois Garden is one of the better-known projects by Garden Designer Joe Swift, host of the BBC program Gardner’s World. The design is featured in his design book, The Plant Room. To create a similar effect in your own home, visit Pioneer Landscape Centers for all your landscaping supplies in Arizona and Colorado. We offer patio and wall solutions as well as garden bed solutions that will help you achieve the look.


The Netherlands


This typographic-style garden design was produced by the Netherlands-based studio, Vollaerszwart. Modular vegetation designed as letters which spell out the word “Evergreen” in a circular fashion are arranged to be a social gathering place. You can imitate this in your home or business on a smaller scale by choosing just one or two letters or numbers that are meaningful to you or your company.

High Line New York

New York City, NY, USA


Designed by Diller Scofido + Renfro in New York City, this built-in, elevated park creates a futuristic yet natural look. You can recreate this effect using wooden planks and varietal plants.

Rupe House


The kind of multi-tiered garden design visible here at Rupe House is quite versatile and popular for any home or yard built into a hill or mountain. Italian design studio, Bamboo House came up with this work-in-progress, where the house becomes “an integral part of the landscape.” You can build a backyard garden with this look by landscaping in three or more levels, perhaps planting different types of plants on each level.

Bulebel Monument Design


Malta-based designers, JEMS used metal material in prism form to enhance the Bulebel brand image through landscape design. Why not enhance your garden with some sculpture work of your own?

Weinstock Residence


Stephanie Reed beautifully composed this residence in Los Osos, using pavers, rocks, dirt, and plants to surround the house.

Kim Residence


The Kim residence, also by Stephanie Reed, highlights the beauty of nature and plants for the entrance to the home. “Surrounding the house in vegetation creates a wild yet creative feel through the texture and color choices.”

“Decompression Chamber”


Landscape designer, Jay Griffith helped the Kimbreys, a busy professional couple, turn a small lawn between their garage and their house into a transitional area. He called the space their “Decompression Chamber.”

"When your home and office are the same place, it's harder to stop working," said Ian Kimbrey, who owns the house with his wife. "You need a separate area for recreation that tells the brain that it's time to switch gears."

Griffith’s design includes a modern fireplace, grass showing through stone, and decorative patio furniture.

Easy Care Front Yard


In this low-maintenance front yard, Landscape Designer Roberta Walker had flagstone paths curve through a low-water terroir in front of her own home. “A low berm of soil” on both sides of the walkway adds interest while landscape fabric, topped with permeable pea gravel, allows excess water to soak into the earth so it doesn’t run off into the street.

“The water I use now is probably less than a third of what I once used for the lawn. I go out there three times a year to prune and shape plants,” says Walker.

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