The Gardener’s Shopping List: Landscaping Tools Designed with your Green Thumb in Mind


During the cold winter months, it can be difficult to show your garden the love and attention it so desperately needs. However, unless you want to start all your landscaping over again come spring, a bit of regular winter maintenance is necessary. A well thought out erosion control system will get you almost all the way through, but your plant beds, in particular, will need a little more direct attention. To avoid having to be out in less than ideal conditions, put a few of these handy tools on your shopping list.

1. Kneeler

No one wants to kneel in the mud or snow. Even during good weather, the ground can be hard on your knees over prolonged periods. This fully reversible kneeler will allow you two different positions to maximize your comfort without sacrificing stability. Beautifully fashioned out of heavy-grade steel and finished by hand, this garden kneeler will make for a great addition to your gardening collection while providing a future filled with far more comfortable work.

2. Long Reach Handle Rake

Whether you prefer to use a rake or a hoe to break through that hard winter earth, a long reach handle is a definite bonus. Made with durable carbon steel and a strong oak handle, the hook-like shape of these long-reach implements allows you to have the same strength in your normal motions but with extended reach. These tools make reaching behind larger bushes and into deep garden beds a much simpler process.

3. Tool Holster

Rather than accidentally peppering your yard with the various tools you accidentally forgot to pick-up when you moved to a new task, keep your tools close at hand with a tool holster. It fits most garden hand tools and comes with its own belt clip and loop for easy use. Hand stitched and stabilized with rivets, the holster will stand up to the most active gardener.

4. Forged Bypass Pruner

With a 9” forged blade and hand grips, these pruners will save the day for the most difficult jobs. The spring-loaded system will help you to exercise precision control and only exert the appropriate force on your plants.

5. Floral Round Shovel

This pointed digging shovel comes with a strong wooden handle and a sturdy metal head. It will certainly come in handy in the spring when you begin to plant again, yet even during winter you may find it useful for preventing erosion and redirecting water flow.

6. Triangle Weeder

At 54” long, this triangle weeder will have no problem taking on the most challenging spaces. The winged blade of the triangle head will help you cut through earth and weeds easily. The oak handle and heavy steel head are heat treated for the ultimate strength as you work through your garden in the new year. It may seem a simple tool, but it will easily replace your standard hoe.

These six items are a gardener’s best friend. They provide increased comfort and performance without losing their classic appeal. If you’re looking to replace some worn out or damaged garden tools this year, look no further. And, if you are looking for a gift for a gardener in your family, don’t forget to pair their gardening gift with something a bit more sentimental for the ultimate gift.

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