Getting Creative with Allan Block Landscaping

Backyard steps constructed with different sized Allan Block

When designing a wall, you usually think of one purpose that it serves: to keep people in or out of your yard. But who says your wall must look one-dimensional? Let’s check out how landscaping with Allan Block can inspire creativity and how it can be used pragmatically in your yard.

What is Allan Block?

Allan Block is a type of concrete block that uses “mortar-less technology” to be more efficient and practical than other concrete block alternatives. With different styles, colors, and cuts, there is an Allan Block for every type of yard. Utilizing this type of material for your wall gives you so much more room for imagination than other materials used to create a barrier, such as wood or iron.

You may have the preconceived notion that a wall is a wall, but Allan Block proves that statement wrong.

Retaining walls are a great way to insert breaks in your sloped yard and creates an area that a garden can be planted at eye level.

Patio walls will create a sitting space in your yard that allows you to entertain for your neighbors and friends.

Garden walls are short walls that are perfect, even in flat yards, to create a dynamic space for greenery to thrive.

Allan Block can also be used for a traditional wall to create privacy in your yard, while still looking attractive. Ultimately, landscaping with Allan Block allows for a variety of approaches to landscaping and lasts a very long time.

Creative Ideas for Landscaping with Allan Block

When contemplating designs for sprucing up the yard, we often go straight to artificial grass, gardens, and patio furniture. The retaining wall is often overlooked, but it can have a huge impact on the flow of your yard. Here are some creative ideas you can use Allan Block to make your yard a summer destination:

  • Use more than one color. You don’t need to pick all the same color brick when creating your retaining wall. Using two or three different shades and colors of Allan Block when building your wall will give you flare and depth.
  • Shorter can be better. By constructing shorter, stacked retaining walls, you can create a unique staircase that adds a level of dimension to an otherwise flat backyard.
  • Entryways, gated areas, and border walls. Try sectioning off a part of your yard, like a garden, with a small wall and gated entryway. This is a beautiful way to keep your flowers and plants separated from the rest of the yard in case you have children, dogs, or like to entertain. This type of wall creates areas that will feel more private and exclusive.
  • Fire pits and fireplaces. Having a fireplace or fire pit in your sitting area can create a beautiful centerpiece during the summer and a functional area for colder nights.

Why Should I Landscape with Allan Block?

Allan Block is extremely easy to design and build, which makes it a highly sought-after landscaping material for yards. The building process and use of Allan Block is safe for the environment, and is proven to last over 60 years without any replacement needed. The main thing that separates Allan Blocks from other concrete blocks is that there is no need for mortar, pins, or clips.

These concrete blocks are like giant, adult Legos, and lock into place as you stack them. If you are looking to use Allan Block for your next retaining wall, you are in luck because they can be found at many major landscaping suppliers. Contact Pioneer Landscape Centers at (866) 525-4079 to get your Allan Block, and start your next yard project today!