The Golden Rules of Landscaping


You don’t need to be a professional designer to craft a beautiful yard or garden. It’s something that even beginners can do with ease. Remember that one of the most beautiful things about landscaping is that it is uniquely and creatively yours. But no matter how much creative freedom you have, there are still some landscape design rules you need to follow to guarantee success. Learning the general do’s and don’ts of landscaping ensures your yard’s longevity.

Let’s look at some landscaping concepts to help you jumpstart your outdoor living project.

Blend with Your Environment

We thought we’d start off with one rule that simply can’t be ignored; in fact, Landscaping Network considers it a law, rather than a rule. Make sure that your landscape design matches well with your surroundings. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but you want a nice balance between shape and color. The goal is that your house and garden will appear as one cohesive unit. This brings us to our second landscape design rule.

Include Your Home in the Design

What’s the largest and most impactful structure in your garden? Your house. Work with the architecture and symmetry of your house to blend with the organic chemistry surrounding your home.

It’s essential that the house is a part of your landscaping plans. At Pioneer, we offer a variety of landscaping supplies and consulting opportunities that bring harmony to your home and yard.

Look from Inside Your House

Just as important as the view from outside is the view from inside your home. You want to be able to look out of your window and see the fabulous and sprawling garden that you’ve built with your own two hands. Make sure to use this vantage point as it will often be the perspective you have when viewing your landscaping.

Remember the Rule of Three

Three is very often regarded as a magic number. House Beautiful recommends that you keep this number in mind when learning landscape design rules. Try to limit yourself to just three types of flooring, three colors, three textures, and three plant types.

Of course, you will ultimately want to have more than three plant types, but it’s important to not become overwhelmed at first. Plus, too much color and variety can often clash. Don’t worry about having too little to work with, as it’s always better to start out small.

Keep Things Illuminated

Consider what landscape lighting will look like in your garden at different times of the day. You want to be sure that your garden is well-lit during morning, afternoon, and evening. What direction does the sun set in your yard? Consider where your chairs are facing. If you want to barbecue, think about where the smoke will blow. There’s a bit of strategy and geometry involved in your planning, but we promise you’ll get the hang of it!

Pioneer Landscaping Supplies

At Pioneer Landscape Centers, we offer comprehensive consulting and material packages to help you get started with the landscaping efforts of your dreams. From landscape design rules to execution, we will be with you every step of the way. To learn more DIY landscaping ideas, contact us online or give us a call at 866-525-4079 to speak with us personally!