Hardscape? Landscape? Xeriscape?!?

Welcome back to the Pioneer blog once again! We have spent a lot of time looking at DIY walkway projects that with a little effort anyone can whip together. This time we are going to go take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If you are browsing these pages no doubt you have a yard space of some sort (or hope to have one) and are looking for inspiration. This entry we will discuss the types of yards and landscaping options available to folks. Things like what exactly is a hardscape compared to a landscape? And just what is ‘xeriscaping?’ We’ll go over all that and more on this entry of the blog.

Hardscape vs Landscape

No doubt everyone has heard of landscapes. Landscape is the entirety of visible features of an area. Landscaping is the act of cultivating those visible features, traditionally with living materials. Planting flowers, grass, etc. Hardscapes are the incorporation of created hard materials, man-made structures into the landscape. Common ones are sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, fountains, stuff like that. Hardscape elements are all a part of the landscape, but not all landscape elements are hardscapes. You follow?


Another -scaping term that crops up frequently, is xeriscaping. Putting it completely simple, xeriscaping is landscaping in such a manner to eliminate or drastically reduce the need for water. This school of landscape is very popular in the Southwestern United States for obvious reasons. Sometimes called zero-scaping or zeroscaping due to the similar sounds, however that term refers most commonly to a landscape the utilizes no plants. Lot to process, we know.The advantages of Xeriscaping are numerous. It reduces water usage, reduces maintenance needs, reduces of waste and pollution secondary to maintenance, and it decidedly less costly to maintain.

So, there you have it, several terms, all sound somewhat similar and sometimes are used interchangeably. But there are important distinctions and those are important to know before setting off on your quest to build the perfect yard. Whether you are looking to revitalize your yard, or are planning out your dream space, Pioneer Sand is the place for you.