How to Create a Backyard Shade Garden


When landscaping your yard, the possibilities can seem endless. That is, until a shady corner or covered area leaves you feeling a little stumped. Instead of creating a maintenance-heavy landscaping headache, utilize the space as a shade garden.

Not only is this a unique way to make your covered area a usable space, but it also is more versatile than you may have realized. For additional information on creating a shade garden, and the best landscaping materials to use, contact our team at Pioneer Landscape Centers today.

Get Inspired

With so many creative ways to utilize a shade garden, it is important to find out what you like before making any decisions on budget, materials, and layout. Aside from looking through Pinterest and watching HGTV, speaking with local landscaping suppliers, like Pioneer Landscape Centers can be extremely beneficial to your project.

Not only will we be able to tell you what works for your specific space, but we will also be able to advise you on which landscaping materials would work best. Additionally, you will learn how to best execute your design and how much different ideas will cost. Finding your inspiration is arguably the most important step because this is the starting point that the rest of the project will stem from. Let your creativity flow, unhindered!

Incorporate Statement Pieces First

Are you imagining yourself sipping on some lemonade in your shade garden and enjoying the summer sun? Or maybe reading a book next to a beautiful backyard fountain on a fall evening?

Regardless of how you are planning on using your shade garden, adding the larger, statement pieces will inform where the focal point of your yard resides. You can then branch out and add embellishments for a cohesive look.

Avoid Additions That Require a lot of Sunlight

Adding lush greens and bright pops of color can really bring your shade garden to life. However, it is important to avoid additions that need constant sunlight.

Since your shade garden will likely be covered for most of, if not the entire day, it is crucial that all plants are well-suited for the area. The point of a shade garden is to create a space that is low maintenance, cool, and relaxing. Be careful to not create more work for yourself and make counterproductive choices with your landscaping.

Utilize Various Landscaping Elements

Avoid a static, boring shade garden by utilizing various landscaping elements. This includes varying heights, lively colors, and different textures to keep the eye moving throughout the space. Just because it is a shade garden does not mean that it cannot have character and dimension!

Add Creative Lighting

Why only enjoy your shade garden during the day? Utilize your space at night by adding creative outdoor lighting for the perfect atmosphere. These extra elements are what will truly make it functional space for different types of use.

Some easy landscaping ideas for lighting include soft market lights to add a gentle ambiance, bright accent lights to illuminate a pathway, or beautiful twinkle lights to hang from the trees. At the end of the day, this space is for your enjoyment, so be sure to incorporate the aspects that you find most attractive.

Creating your perfect shade garden can be achieved with these few, simple landscaping ideas. However, it can be extremely beneficial to have a professional in your corner to design, advise, and implement the best practices and help you get results you will love. For more landscaping design and inspiration, get in touch with Pioneer Landscape Centers at (866)-525-4079 today!