How to Plan Ahead with Landscape Design


If you have been considering a major landscape renovation, now is the perfect time to start implementing your ideas and get closer to having the yard you always wanted. Learn how to plan ahead with your landscape designs when you read through our entire list of design tips that you can use all year long.

Discover what aesthetic is best for your home, what landscaping supplies you’ll need, and what special touches you can add for personal flair! Find everything you need to create the perfect yard with help from the professionals at Pioneer Landscape Centers today!

Planning Your Landscape Design

Your first step is to visualize the potential for your landscape. Whether you see just a single redesign or a complete makeover, your goals can be achieved through a carefully crafted plan.

After you have visualized what your dream yard looks like, it’s time to start nailing down exactly what your aesthetic is. This involves choosing an overall theme and color scheme for your decorations and features. Some popular aesthetics include:

  • Traditional yards, where gardens and flowers are planted.
  • Tranquil spaces where water features are heavily used.
  • Desert themes, where warm colors and dry weather plants are installed to create a cozy atmosphere.


If you envision your space having a more traditional feel, start by choosing new mulch to implement. Mulches come in many forms, but it is important to choose the variation that not only will help your plants grow but will also look great with your grass pattern. Before you begin shopping for just any plants, draw the yard that you envision, write down the landscaping supplies that the project will require, pay specific attention to the shaping of your lawn, and the potential growth that each plant will achieve.

If you are interested in planting a tree and a flowerbed, they should be placed in significantly different areas, as the tree will soon overtake the flowers in size and will monopolize the nutrients in that area of soil. The most important part of planning a traditional garden is detailing where each new plant will be placed for maximum appeal.

Tranquil or Desert

The planning for a tranquil water space and warm desert yard is rooted in the same planning process. The first step is to visualize how you want your completed yard to look, drawing on specific detailing about the formation of the features and writing down all the necessary landscaping supplies.

Place focal points such as water features or desert plants in separate, special areas so that you will be able to appreciate them fully. While desert plants can be bundled together in a neat formation, water features should be given their own individual space unless the features are part of a matching set. Placing two yard fountains side by side may throw off the consistency of your yard while spacing them out will make each special and will give you multiple areas of tranquility.

Stick to cooler colors such as greys, blues and whites when thinking about what colors to focus on for your tranquil yard, and choose warm hues such as red, orange and brown for your desert aesthetic.

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