How to Replace Your Lawn


Maintaining and overseeing the landscape in your yard can be a tiresome and expensive habit. Keeping a yard pruned and lush requires gardeners, landscapers, and much of your own time, especially if you want to plant your own garden. If you have been considering how to replace your lawn with a more functional and affordable option, read through this educational article from Pioneer Landscape Centers to discover all your available lawn replacement options, including artificial grass, decorative landscape gravel, or even a completely new lawn. A more functional lawn can transform your home landscaping while also saving you money.

Replacing Your Lawn with a Turf Alternative

If you are committed to keeping the look and feel of a grass lawn in your yard, but don’t want to manage the upkeep or maintain the water costs, an artificial lawn is the perfect option for you. Artificial grass is relatively easy to install, does not require the same level of commitment to keep it looking well maintained, and is better for the environment than a living grass lawn. Artificial grass will look beautiful year-round and only requires light maintenance, plus you will never have to mow it. Maintenance of artificial grass can be as low as using a large broom or brush on your turf every week or so, depending on the season and the need to remove any excess leaves or twigs. You can install large sections of turf to replace your entire lawn or place small patches to offset other landscaping design elements such as decorative landscape gravel, mulch areas, or a garden.

Replacing Your Lawn with a Gravel Landscape

Landscaping is a creative process that can be tailored not only to your personal tastes, but to the theme of your home decor as well. In some cases, grass lawns are not always the best landscaping choice to complement the overall theme. If you are looking for a complementary alternative to a grass lawn for your home, choosing to install decorative landscape gravel can be an earthy option that manages to be both a chic landscaping element, as well as a functional application. Fortunately, rock elements do not require any watering, which makes this option a great environmental choice that will help cut down on water usage and costs. With a yard full of gorgeous rock installations, you can establish a beautiful desert theme in your home decor, while also saving a substantial amount on landscaping costs as well as costs on your monthly water bill.

Replacing Your Lawn with a Completely New Lawn

Sometimes your lawn problems are root deep; instead of replacing your lawn with an alternative, it may be time to just replace your lawn completely. This process can be lengthy, but worth your time if you truly love your lush grass lawn. If you have decided to install a new patch of grass, you will also get the chance to choose where to apply the new lawn, and what to do with the space. Just because you are removing a large piece of grass does not mean you are required to fill the whole space with grass again. Have fun deciding if you want to add decorative features in your yard, or if it’s time for that garden you’ve been thinking about. Talk with a landscaping expert today to get help designing your lawn layout, and to get valuable tips about what applications would work best with your home when you contact Pioneer Landscape Centers now at (866)-525-4079!