How to Use the Awkward Spaces in Your Yard


Your yard is largely a canvas, a space for you to be creative and invest in some of your favorite landscaping techniques. But the available materials and wide-open spaces will only get you so far. Utility pipes and other energy lines stick out like a sore thumb, making several parts of your yard unattainable for your normal decor strategies.

So, how can you use outdoor backyard design to your advantage and cover up those not-so-savory spots? At Pioneer Landscape Centers, we’ve seen every kind of yard, and every kind of awkward space. Here’s what our years of experience have been able to tell us about the best ways to cover up and take advantage of those weird spots in your yard.

1. Trellis for Your Treasures

Having trouble distracting the eye away from those ugly utility lines and pipes? Put something wonderful in front of it to make the most of your space. We recommend a painted trellis or fencing that’s decorated with your favorite live plants and other natural decorations.

You can even place a bench in front of it for emphasis, adding even more utility to the space by giving you and your family a place to sit and relax in the yard.

2. Turn a Danger Zone into Something Playful

If you have a sprawling backyard in a rural area, you may be particularly prone to some more dangerous areas. If your backyard goes into a natural reservoir, or there are scattered trees and brush underfoot, there’s a lot of unused space. Not to mention this type of terrain can be harmful for the kids.

So, why not turn it into something fun? Use your outdoor backyard design skills by getting rid of rocky and uneven areas. Turn a multi-tiered space into a playground with several different levels of play opportunities. Put artificial or short-growing grass in so the kids have something soft run on. Add a little sandbox or even some friendly plants, while giving your loved ones plenty of room to make the space their own.

3. What to Do with that Pile of Rubble

Having piles of rubble and debris in the backyard is never a sight for sore eyes. But sometimes, you have no idea what else you’re going to do with that space. Here are a couple of clues to get you started:

  • A rock garden. You don’t need to technically get rid of the rubble; instead, you can build it up in a way that reflects the most beautiful parts of nature while you enjoy adding value to your property.
  • A side garden. You can turn any corner of your yard into a beautiful patio and side garden. Keep costs cheap by going with recycled flooring and cost-effective materials that can be reused to fit your theme. You will enjoy having a place to sit on the side and relax as a garden that shoots off from the main space.

You can always get in touch with our Pioneer professionals as well. We will be able to assist you in coming up with creative ways to transform your awkward spaces into beautiful, functional, and visually satisfying pieces of your yard. We offer the best in professional materials and outdoor backyard design ideas for spaces large and small.

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Don’t let those awkward spaces dominate the area. You can easily cover utility lines or useless piles of rubble by transforming these spaces into something that adds layers of comfort and beauty to your yard. Not only is this a financially smart choice, but a satisfying one as well. For more information, you can contact us online or give us a call at (866) 525-4079.