How to Use Railroad Ties in Your Backyard


Railroad ties have been some of the most popular outdoor living supplies available at Pioneer Landscape Centers. We love all the creative ways that our customers and homeowners use railroad ties to enhance their yard design. If you’re going for a rustic farmhouse theme or you just want to enjoy the addition of some unique and popular designs to your living space, check out some of these popular ways to use railroad ties.

Not only are railroad ties an inherently American design, but they are also a classic way to style your yard. There are a variety of things you can do with these versatile and conversation-inspiring pieces. Check out the guide below!

1. Hill Stairs

There are plenty of ways that you can use outdoor living supplies to create natural-looking stairs and steps on your hill in your yard. However, instead of investing in something costly like stone or tile, why not do it with railroad ties? Making stairs out of railroad ties is a great way to give your yard a rustic feel while also adding some functionality to allow people to navigate around the different levels of your yard with ease.

2. Add Some Variety

Railroad ties can be used in combination with some other popular outdoor decorative items to give your yard some more character and flavor. They work well with sand, brick, concrete, rocks, pebbles, and much more. Try adding railroad ties in your rock garden, or as part of your sandy exposure. They will cause your neighbors and friends to do a double-take, as each railroad tie has an excellent story behind it. What a way to add some history to your home!

3. Path Borders

Additionally, you can use railroad ties to create a border around any type of pathway or driveway in your yard. Whether you want to enhance your front or back yard, you can easily do so by using railroad ties to line the path. This creates an elevated distinction between the path and the rest of the yard, separating them just enough so that each feature of your garden will really pop out. However, it doesn’t distract from the eyes as it blends well with the other natural parts of your yard. This is a great way to add a lot of railroad ties to your yard without it being overwhelming.

4. Posts and Functional Objects

Need a unique mailbox post? How about some handmade wooden signs? There is a lot you can do with railroad ties. Whether you want to build some more robust in-ground stairs, or if you want to enhance the contemporary look of your yard with a piece of railroad-tie border, you can find plenty of ways to make your yard valuable with these unique additions.

Plus, you can even use them as treads. They can be placed over bricks or lined up lengthwise to give you a bit more traction. They are great for building terraces and adding different levels of height to your yard as well.

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