Ideas for Landscaping with River Rocks


Have you been considering a substantial landscaping upgrade for your yard? There are a variety of low-maintenance landscaping materials available to you but creating a natural looking outdoor space with river rock is currently one of the most popular styles. When designed correctly, river rock can give your outdoor space a serene appeal as well as a desert-like atmosphere when using tan and light red colors. Whichever atmosphere you choose, let the professionals at Pioneer Landscape Centers help you determine the kind of rocks would best suit your home as well as suggest design ideas that allow your space to look naturally beautiful. Discover all our top ideas for landscaping with river rocks now!

Landscaping for Water Features

Using river rocks to create a serene attraction is a beautiful way to incorporate a calming and peaceful installation into your yard. There are several different ways that you can use river rocks to accompany a water feature. The first way is to create a small river that flows over the rocks and around your yard. If you’d like to incorporate a personal touch into your landscaping, you should consider purchasing river rocks that are shaded a light gray, or rocks that have some blue and green elements to their coloring. These shades will help you set an overall tranquil mood when combined with the water feature that you choose. If you need help installing a personal river, or if you need more information about how to buy river rocks, contact the team at Pioneer Landscape Centers to speak with an expert today.

Another great way to incorporate a water feature along with your river rock installation is to choose a fountain to place in your yard. If you can’t choose just one fountain, consider getting a few smaller features and placing them cohesively around your yard. After you have chosen the specific water feature or features you want highlighted, you can begin to plan where your river rocks will be placed in accordance with the highlighted fountains. Choosing the placement of the water features first is important in order to make sure the river rocks look natural. If you place the rocks in your yard before installing the fountain, you may have to redo the placement, or your design may look off-centered.

Landscaping for a Desert Atmosphere

If you are more inspired by the tranquility of the desert, a warmer tone may be more desirable to you when you design your river rock yard. Instead of using a water feature, your desert landscape will be highlighted by river rocks in warmer tones and plants that are typically found in desert regions. Similar to the way you want to place fountains in your yard before adding the rocks, you will want to be sure all of the plants you want in your yard have been installed first. Once you have the plants that you want placed, you can begin to install the river rocks around your other features. When attempting to convey a desert atmosphere, shop for river rocks in a red, gold, or brown hue. These colors will brighten your yard and will cohesively match the desert plants that you install as well. If you can’t find the right rocks for your yard or are stuck on how to buy river rocks that will complement the rest of your yard’s features, call Pioneer Landscape Centers at (866)-525-4079 to speak with a professional and to receive incredible tips for your yard.