Keeping it Classic with a Gravel Driveway


Gravel driveways can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Gravel's neutral tones create seamless transitions between your house and the surrounding nature. Gravel suits various home styles. Its permeable nature makes it a great all-weather choice. For long driveways in particular, gravel is the more affordable option.

What is Gravel?

Driveway gravel is typically a mix of rocks, sand, and clay. It is a processed product. This mixture compacts to create a stable yet permeable surface.


With its neutral tones, gravel brings out the beauty of a house like few other materials. It suits different house styles. Modern or old-fashioned, monochromatic, colorful, or neutral, there is a color of gravel perfectly suited to every house.

Pioneer offers 19 colors and types of gravel. These include the beautiful Red Roadbase -- “a very medium reddish brown.” It looks almost quartz pink against a house of contrasting color.

Another option is Recycled Asphalt. This “old asphalt has been ground into a fine gravel that will harden and bind once compacted.”


Large driveways are significantly cheaper to cover in gravel than any other type of paving. Determine how much product you need for your project with Pioneer’s gravel calculator. Although a large factor in gravel cost is how far it must be trucked, gravel lasts a lifetime with little to no maintenance.


All you need to do to maintain your gravel driveway is “top-dress” it with a fresh layer of gravel. Since gravel is made of loose pieces, some of it dissipates with normal wear and tear. Top-dressing every 1-2 years is quicker than sealing an asphalt driveway. It also doesn’t require any major tools. Just haul the gravel in with a truck or get it delivered, then shovel and rake it to create an even layer on the driveway.

Along the way, you can fix potholes and dips easily with a shovel and rake. You should perform maintenance more often if your driveway is heavily traveled or if you live in a heavy-weather area.

There is one additional aspect of gravel maintenance: weeds. Weeds tend to crawl up through gravel. To keep your driveway looking nice, you will have to treat it with a good weed killer. Be mindful not to spray it anywhere it can run off into your water supply.


Gravel is a permeable surface. Rainwater will sink through the stones and replenish the earth underneath. If your car leaks oil, you won’t need to worry about leaving a stain on your driveway as you would with asphalt or concrete. Simply rake the rocks to hide the stain.

Gravel Driveway Cost

Pioneer is the leading landscape and hardscape materials supplier in the United States. Our gravel calculator can give you an accurate estimate on your gravel driveway needs. Pioneer serves homeowners, contractors, builders, municipalities and businesses across the country. This makes Pioneer the perfect place for all your yardscape and landscape needs. In addition to visiting our retail centers, you can request shipment of most materials from Pioneer online. Call (866) 525-4079 to learn more!