6- Do It Yourself Landscape Design Secrets

AdobeStock_70374761.jpeg1. Begin designing your dream yard on paper.

-Play around with the focal points in your design. You might select some giant boulders and then place decorative rocks around them. Another great idea includes using pavers to create a walkway and surround the pavers with artificial grass. Regardless of your main focal material choices, once you have your main focal point, the other attributions will fill in naturally.

2. Sit in your living room or stand on the back patio and envision your future landscape.

-Imagine ways to create shade using shade sails, if that is what you desire! Maybe you like to relax outside and read or drink coffee. Think of an area to sit and relax where you can see the main focal point. Find inspiration to design an innovative entry to your courtyard. Prepare yourself by pre-selecting what materials are best for your landscape based on rainfall and climate in your geographic location.

3. Plan your budget before you go to a landscape supply store.

-To keep your expectations and vision in line with your budget it is very important to plan ahead. Knowing your budget will help you select materials and develop the best layout for your home and family.

4. Be realistic about the goals you have for your yard.

-Fountains and some plants require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. It is best to plan with landscape materials you will know how to maintain. You will also want to think about mature plant sizes and how they will all grow together in your landscape. Decorative rocks, mulch, artificial grass, and sands require significantly less maintenance. Enduring materials and plants prevent future complications with your landscape.

5. Know what local pests are in your neighborhood.

-Knowing what local pest and animals are in your neighborhood will help you select the best materials and plants for your design. One pests can wreak havoc on your landscaping. So be sure to plan ahead.

6. Landscape should be personal.

-Although you will want to look at ideas online and duplicate things you see in yards around your neighborhood. Be creative! Design something you will love and be proud of sharing.

The right landscape can make your yard a great extension of your home. That’s why Pioneer is, Your Partner in Outdoor Living!