Maximizing Privacy in Your Backyard


Your backyard, no matter how big or small, is your own private oasis. Using the power of landscaping, you can transform your yard into an escape that you can retreat to when you want to relax and appreciate the natural elements around you.

Nothing can ruin that serene mood more than a peeping neighbor or other distractions in the neighborhood. It can be frustrating and downright annoying to deal with a wide-open area where everyone can see into your personal space. Our landscaping experts at Pioneer Landscaping Centers have put together some tips to keep your area secluded and personalized. There are several creative and beautiful landscaping methods that can be employed to help you retain your privacy in the place where you feel most comfortable.

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Walls and Fences

Most yards have fences, and they’re used for more than just decoration. There are a variety of beautiful fences and stone walls that can be constructed around the perimeter of your yard to create a beautiful, private landscape.

Board fences are common and popular solutions to privacy problems. There are many style and color options for board fences, and you can find one that complements the architecture of your home. In fact, you can even utilize plants and shrubs to obscure the fence itself.

Sometimes, a plain fence is not the most visually pleasing touch to add to a backyard. You can break up the solidity of the fence by adding open lattice tops, or by planting shrubs in front of it at various heights. This will give your yard a lush, expansive feel.

Stone walls can be treated much the same way. There is something inherently rustic and attractive about a handmade stone wall, and there are a variety of shapes and styles to work with as well. You can increase the value of your property and accentuate all your favorite natural elements with a serene, and private stone wall.

Can’t decide between these two options? Why not both? You can add a short fence on top of a stone wall for something truly eye-catching.

Using Trees and Shrubs to Your Advantage

There are many plants and shrubs that can be placed in your yard for the sole purpose of creating privacy for your home. Think about all the houses in your neighborhood. How many of them have property-line planters? How many of them have tall shrubs that go along the perimeter of the home?

Property-line shrubs and thick bushes are affordable and visually pleasing ways to create your own natural wall of sorts. You can make a new privet hedge by digging a trench and planting your shrubs about a foot apart. By watering them often, and by clipping their excess branches, you can maintain a neat hedge.

You can also layer your privacy plants as well. Adding depth and variety to your natural “wall” is a wonderful way to maintain a look of lushness while also establishing a personal space of your own. Stagger some perennials and shrubs in layers around the trees, with some plants elevated higher than others. That way, you will create a hill that can block your neighbor’s view from even the second-story window.

Landscaping Materials in Colorado and Arizona

At Pioneer Landscaping Centers, we value your time and your landscaping needs. That’s why our dedicated professionals are ready to answer all questions you may have regarding landscaping materials in Colorado and Arizona. We can help you achieve the private oasis of your dreams through a variety of ideas that includes fencing, walls, trees, seasonal shrubbery, and much more.

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