​Making Your Patio Pop with Flagstone


Who says ground beneath your feet can’t be as beautiful as the yard around your house? Flagstone is one of the easiest ways to add uniqueness and creativity to your yard. With its waterproof durability, slip-resist base, and organic look, it’s one of the most efficient ways to brighten up a patio while also looking classy and natural.

The Benefits of Flagstone Pavers

Did you know that flagstone pavers can be used both indoors and outdoors? Most top stone layers need some sort of aggregate material to help the stone sit properly, like gravel or sand. Flagstones, on the other hand, do not, saving you both time and money. Because flagstones are acid-resistant, you can lay them directly on top of your soil.

Flagstones are also commonly placed around pools due to their non-slip quality. Though they may look flat and slippery, each flagstone has its own unique texture and groove pattern that provide stability for walking in wet areas.

Flagstone pavers also resist moisture and heat very well, causing less pools and puddles to accumulate and the ability to last a long time under extreme weather conditions. Long-lasting durability means flagstone pavers can withstand decades without any maintenance.

At Pioneer Landscape Centers, we love using flagstone because, with the correct knowledge, it is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance. Setting up your patio with flagstone is like putting together a puzzle and one that you can use for years to come.


Flagstone is one of the most commonly used materials to accentuate a patio because it is so easy to install.

Whether you want your flagstone paver to blend in nicely or accentuate an area of your yard, there is a flagstone for every occasion. Color, shape, and size are all qualities to consider when choosing the best flagstone for your project. For example: are you looking to highlight the small water feature in your backyard? You may want to choose to create a circular pattern, using a soft red-toned stone.

Flagstones are also great for covering up an area you’d rather hide, like a patch of grass that just won’t grow, a highly weeded area, or a spot with poor soil. While using concrete is usually cheaper, flagstone’s natural tones add intrigue to an area while also blending into the nature around it. You may choose how much space you’d like between each stone, allowing grass to grow naturally amidst the stones or closing it off by placing them close together.

Did you know there are also different materials you can choose when it comes to flagstones? Limestone, sandstone, and shale are some of the most commonly use.

Cutting and coloring are also important to think of when choosing your flagstones and can assist in making your patio pop. If you want something loud and proud, you may want to use shades of red with more irregular edges. Or opt for a more natural look with shades of brown and rounded edges.

Whether you want your flagstone paver to scream, “party!” or just accentuate your yard as a whole, flagstone noticeably adds beauty to almost any patio. At Pioneer Landscaping Centers, we have an array of flagstone choices and team excited to help you design your outdoor space. If you’re looking to give your patio a makeover this season, give us a call at (866) 525-4079.