Pioneer Firelight S’Moreos


  1. Oreo Cookies
  2. Medium or large marshmallows
  3. Roberta’s chocolate (OK, you can use any chocolate, but if you’re truly a Coloradoan you know Roberta’s is best! Just pick your Roberta’s favorite)


Get your Pioneer fire pit lit and the fire stoked. Use the Oreo™ cookies as the top & bottom of your s'mores and layer it with your marshmallow and your favorite flavor of Roberta’s chocolate. Using grill tongs or a tong / spatula combo, place your s’moreo between the tongs and hold it over the fire, turning it gently to let the fire caramelize the marshmallow and begin melting the chocolate. Remove from fire when at desired consistency and let cool for about 45 seconds to one minute. Then, stop looking at it and devour! Repeat for everyone huddled around the fire pit and no one will ever look at s'mores the same way. Yum!

You love the great outdoors! It’s time to enjoy it even more with your own fire pit. Nothing beats that campfire feeling – flickering flames and toasty warmth. If you don’t have a fire pit, see your local Pioneer Sand location. We have affordable fire pits that will take the chill out of a fall evening or springtime gathering. Pioneer is your partner in outdoor living – at its best!