Rock Landscaping on a Hillside


The experience of designing your home, garden, or yard can be anything from amazing to a bit of a confusing nightmare. Depending on what you’re working with, such as building around poor soil, hills, or irrigation systems, it can sometimes be difficult to realize your vision.

At Pioneer we ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they need when they need it. We carry many high-quality landscaping materials and understand it can be complicated figuring out how to use them all correctly. As one of the largest sources of landscape and hardscape materials in the southwest, we can assess and provide exactly what is needed for your creative vision to bloom. Take, for example, landscaping on a hillside. How do you add variety to a hill in your yard and make it less of a nuisance?

Below we discuss the many creative ways our landscaping rocks can be used to spruce up your hillside.

Types of Landscaping Rocks

Our landscaping rocks range anywhere from cobblestone, boulders, river rocks, and flagstone. Each landscaping rock has its own purpose, while still being able to be used in a variety of ways. Color, texture, shape, and size are all important factors when considering decorating your hillside with landscaping rocks. Luckily, ours come in an array of options.


Paving a walkway down your hillside is one way to provide easier walking access and a focal point up the hill. Using cobblestone or flagstone is one way to create this path. Flagstone is a naturally flat stone that can be placed strategically to resemble a staircase, while cobblestone is more brick-like in appearance. Paired next to some vibrant plants and flowers, a beige stone walkway paves the way for elegance.

Rock Garden

Many hillsides contain poor soil, as it is most common for rain to run down them, washing away any fertile topsoil for nutrients to grow. In the event that your hillside is less than ideal for growing plants, you can use our river rocks or beach pebbles to create a rock garden.

These landscaping rocks come in many shades of pink, grey, maroon, brown, and beige so there’s no shortage of adding color to your yard. Not only does a rock garden provide a beautiful piece of art, but it also adds a solid ground cover for your land.

Mulch, which is typically used for ground cover, can be a hassle as it needs to be replaced often and can give off a rather pungent smell. Adding river rocks instead can give you that solid foundation you desire.

Stone Walls

Stone walls can also be used to break up a hillside while adding charm and allure to your yard. They are a powerful, solid structure that aid in keeping your plants comfortable. By shading off or providing more sunlight to certain areas, plants can thrive where they might not have on their own without the help of a stone wall.

You can also be selective with your stones, using lighter ones to brighten up any shady areas of the hill and vice versa. Use stones purposefully around a specific area to highlight its significance, like a pond or pool. This also keeps the pond’s environment safe from any outside harmful conditions so that it may thrive in its eco-system.


Decorative boulders, in their naturally misshapen way, can also add a nice contrast to your hillside. Not only are they a decorative piece, they can also act as a barricade to any area of the hill or yard you want to disguise. By surrounding them with vibrant plants or trees, they also act as a wonderful centerpiece.

There are many ways to decorate around your hillside with Pioneer’s landscaping rocks. If you need some help getting your creative ideas off the ground or would like some creative input on your hillside project, give us a call today at (866)-525-4079.