Save on your Water Bill with Artificial Grass


The average American household uses 320 gallons of water per day, 30% of which is dedicated to outdoor uses. You can probably guess what “outdoor uses” mostly means: watering lawns and gardens.

Artificial grass does not require any water, except for the occasional rinse if you have pets. Installing it for your lawn or garden (or even at your place of business) allows you to reduce your water usage, avoid excessive water fines, and save money month after month!

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Water Saving Benefits of Artificial Grass

Traditional grass lawns are generally among the most water-intensive parts of American homes. Up to 60% of homeowners’ water bills are generated by watering the lawn. Can you imagine how much money the average homeowner would save by installing an artificial grass lawn?

Studies from The Synthetic Turf Council estimate that the use of artificial grass has resulted in the conservation of between “three to six billion gallons of water (between 2010-2015, residential).” If you factor in the commercial water savings this number only goes up.

In addition, City and State governments in drought-ridden areas, such as the Western and Southwestern US, have implemented mandatory water-saving measures to aid in conservation. If you live in a dry area, installing the best artificial grass can help you stay in compliance with these restrictions by saving a tremendous amount of water.

Improve Lawn Health

Natural lawns are susceptible to diseases like Rhizoctonia, just one of many types of fungus you may have to invest your time, money, and effort to fight off. If you find a brown patch in your lawn, for example, it may be time to shop for fungicides. In contrast, installing the best artificial grass ensures that you will never have to deal with any of these lawn health issues.

Avoid Weeds & Pests

Other benefits of artificial grass are that it provides a weed-proof foundation and it doesn’t attract the pests associated with natural grass. This is because real grass provides weeds the soil they need to grow, but artificial grass does not. Grubs and other insects also thrive in that natural soil; in turn, insects can attract larger pests like racoons, gophers, and snakes.

Pioneer Landscape Centers can provide you with the best artificial grass to lay all your weed and pest worries to rest. With artificial grass, you will experience a clean and hassle-free lawn!

Avoid Mud & Puddles

When you water your natural lawn, it can leave behind bothersome mud and puddles. The mud and dirty water are commonly tracked into the house by dogs and other pets, children, or even an absent-minded adult. Aren’t you tired of cleaning mud from out of your carpet?

Artificial grass won’t generate mud because it doesn’t require any water or soil. The best artificial grass will even have artificial drainage built in, so you won’t have to worry about puddles, either.

Eliminates Fertilizer & Pesticides

Artificial grass is an “evergreen” landscaping cover. It will remain lush and green with minimal maintenance. This means there is no need for the fertilizer or pesticides, which a natural lawn requires year after year. You will not only save money but avoid the negative health impacts of applying poisons to your lawn!

Better Life Expectancy

Artificial lawns never die. This means you can keep them for many years longer than a natural lawn before they need replacement. The best artificial grass will last from 12-15 years! Pioneer Landscape Centers’ high quality and durable product comes with 8 to 11-year warranties.

The best artificial grass can be used for your home or business with very little to no maintenance. Pioneer Landscape Centers offer artificial grass in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Contact Pioneer Landscape Centers online, or at 866-525-4079 today!