Saving Money on Your Landscaping


The landscaping in both your front and backyard can make a significant difference in both curb appeal and the overall feel of your home. Unfortunately, finding landscaping designs and ideas you love can sometimes cause you to go thousands of dollars over budget. In order to give you the look you desire without breaking the bank, Pioneer Landscape Centers is here to help. For information on our landscaping materials and advice on landscaping, reach out to our team today!

Create a Solid Vision

Before pulling out your wallet and buying materials for the renovation, it is important to create a coherent vision of what your new landscape is going to look like.

Is your new landscape a complete overhaul of your old one?

Are you including any specialty pieces like a fire-pit or fountain?

Are you going to be using a seamless stone or classic wood?

Having the answers to these questions will help you save money by not spending unnecessarily on landscaping materials that you do not need.

Talk to a Professional

While there are some aspects of landscaping that you can do on your own, you definitely want to meet with an expert before finalizing anything. In addition to saving you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes in the process, a professional will also be able to help you get the result you want without going over your designated budget. In addition, experts may have industry knowledge on which parts of your landscaping project can be more inexpensive and which areas are not worth skimping on.

Consider Creative Timelines

Wouldn’t you love if your entire landscaping project could be done as quickly as a 30-minute episode on HGTV? Unfortunately, that is not a reality and will likely cost you more having it done all at once. In order to save money on your landscaping, consider being creative with your timeline by rolling out the changes in phases.

For example, maybe you want to implement one of the bigger, statement pieces first before filling in the walkways and decorative plants. Not only will this help you avoid excessively charging your credit card, it will also allow you to evaluate the space and determine if your original vision is still applicable for the space.

Invest in What Will Last

One of the easiest ways to save money is to make sure the money that you do spend is well worth it. Instead of picking high-maintenance plants, cheap landscaping materials, and ephemeral pieces, take the time to research landscaping ideas that are strong in both their quality and their longevity. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a complete renovation of your landscape only to hate it after a few years and want to change it all over again. For information on great landscaping materials to invest in, contact Pioneer Landscape Centers today.

Making changes to your landscape can easily become costly, but by creating a solid vision, talking to a professional, considering creative timelines, and investing in what will last, you will save money in your renovation. For additional help on your landscaping project, contact the trusted team at Pioneer Landscape Centers today at (866)-525-4079. With years of experience, quality landscaping materials, and a professional team, we are the perfect fit for helping you get a landscape you will love.