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2019 is coming in strong with a variety of new landscaping trends. Whether you have a large or small yard, or you are looking to completely revamp the style of your lawn this season, there is a lot to look forward to this year. Which is your favorite?

At Pioneer Landscape Centers, your premier landscape supplier, our experts are excited about a few trends in particular. Take a look at our review below to see what new landscaping trends are upon us as the new year gets started.

The Rise of Lawn Care Services

As any yard owner knows, lawn care takes time. It’s important to maintain your lawn meticulously in order to sustain growth and keep things looking beautiful. If you don’t have the time to manage it yourself, it is best to hire a landscaper to maintain your lawn for you.

2019 is the year of lawn care services. With many families being too busy to be able to spend time on the lawn themselves, they are taking to professionals to maintain their lawns for them.

Smart Equipment

We’re familiar with smartphones. These high-tech devices can be used to power machines remotely and automate certain chores that make it easier to manage your time.

Now that smart equipment has been introduced to the landscaping world, it is easier than ever to navigate through dangerous terrain. From lawnmowers to weed-wackers, you can now find advanced devices with Bluetooth connection that can be powered wirelessly from your phone. You can even drive your lawnmower remotely, using it to get into those spots that you’d never been able to reach before.

Edible Plants

The experts in landscaping have predicted that edible plants will take over as the most popular curbside appeal gardens in 2019. People love the idea of sustainability, and edible plants come in a variety of shapes and colors to add flavor to an otherwise drab-looking flower display.

While edible plants may not be a new idea, predictions say they will be even more in the popular starting this new year. Some of the most popular ways to display these edible fashions include:

● Scattered in flower beds

● Displayed in herbal wall planters

● Ornamented in special containers

Of course, things are bound to get even more creative. A specialized herb garden or a collection of recycled containers showcasing your favorite vegetable plants can really add value and uniqueness to your yard.

Paved Surfaces

Paving is always fun to think about for your next landscaping project. Your landscape supplier may tell you that adding pavement to your garden is a great way to provide texture all around.

Pavement is also great for any landscaping project, no matter how large or small, because it makes yard maintenance a little easier. You can remove some of the flora from your yard in order to decrease upkeep necessities. Plus, pavement always looks good in your yard!

Keep up With 2019 Landscaping Trends Today!

There are plenty of ways to get in touch with the latest trends that 2019 has to offer. Whether you are looking for some new vegetation to add to your garden, or you want to completely replace your tool shed with state-of-the-art equipment, 2019 is bound to be a productive year for you.

At Pioneer Landscape Centers, we couldn’t be more excited to offer our strategies along the way. If you’re looking for professional advice or are looking to invest in professional landscaping, our staff members would be happy to help! Please reach out to us online or give us a call at (866) 525-4079.