The Top Landscaping Trends to be Thankful for this Year


As Thanksgiving draws near, there are seemingly limitless preparations underway as you put together the best version of your home this holiday season. Your yard may not be your first priority at this exact moment, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon, let’s dig into the top landscaping trends you can use to spruce up your home for the holidays.

1. Winterization

Slipping on ice may be funny in the movies, but if temperatures have already dropped below freezing, then you know it’s no joke. Take your guest’s safety seriously this season if temps are below 32 degrees by picking up a bag of Landscaper’s Choice Ice Melt.

Unlike conventional rock salt, Landscaper’s Choice’s active ingredient is calcium magnesium acetate. It’s much gentler on plants and enriches your soil. Simultaneously, you’ll avoid corrosive damage to metals, brick interlocks, and your floors due to the gentler and non-tracking formula.

As an additional safety feature, line any walkways or paths with decorative lights to help guide your guests toward your home. Not only will this prevent trips and falls, but they will provide a charming accent to your holiday décor that will last the entire season.

2. Outdoor Fireplaces

If you have a large family, celebrating the holidays indoors can be suffocating. The heat and stuffiness are inevitable with so many packed tightly together. Fortunately, given a little time and ingenuity, you can reinvent your holiday experiences this year.

With a classy, Victorian outdoor fireplace you’ve essentially expanded your dining room out onto your patio. The crisp contrast between the winter air and the warmth of the fire will help to fashion that holiday feel you were lacking while everyone was suffocating in the kitchen the year before.

If you live in a significantly colder climate, then add a couple of patio heaters for additional warmth. You’ll keep everyone cozy while they eat and enjoy their time together, all under the illusion that the fireplace is the sole source of warmth.

3. Artificial Grass

It can become next to impossible to keep grass looking lush and green during the winter, especially as the weather turns frigid. Fortunately, with artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about that at all. In fact, you’ll save time and money as you’ll no longer have to worry about mowing or watering. Plus, it will look flawless when your guests arrive.

4. Erosion Control

As boring as it may sound, erosion control is especially important during the winter months. If you’re expecting intermittent rain or snow, then there is a high likelihood that much of the landscaping work you’ve done could be damaged or even destroyed by one good storm.

Applying rock, gravel, sand, or breeze/minus around the defining lines of your landscaping will help to preserve those barriers as rain and snow fight to wash them away. This could save plants as well as walkways and steps from permanent damage. Fortunately, these erosion control agents come in a variety of colors, so they won’t detract from the overall aesthetic of your yard.

5. Ledgestone

If you haven’t heard of ledgestone, then your patio probably isn’t finished yet. Crafted from split-faced, natural stone, this beautiful option is the perfect accent piece to feature your outdoor fireplace or bar.

Unlike conventional slabs, which are polished to perfection, ledgestone is left in its natural, rougher state. The unevenness of the bricks gives depth and texture to the accented space, but the richness of the color provides all of the finery expected of natural stone.

These landscaping trends don’t just preserve the hard work you’ve already put into your yard, they also help you bring the holidays outside to create new and inventive traditions. Enjoy!

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