Unique Ways to Arrange Your Patio


When designing your patio space, imagine you are creating a stage for your own personal play. Both the scenery and the props should be positioned at specific places which support what goes on in the story: your lifestyle.

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Preliminary Considerations

Some of the first things you should think about are issues related to what already exists on site, the layout, and finally, how furniture and accessories such as an outdoor grill are to be arranged.

Design your patio to provide efficient and logical connections between indoors and out. This could mean easy garage access or a grand entrance marrying the living room to the patio.

If your patio is large, consider breaking the space up into smaller sections. If your patio is on the smaller side, it is a clever idea to place furniture around the perimeter to maximize space.

Just Chairs

Who says you need a sofa at all? Try placing four chairs in a circle around a small coffee table for the perfect conversation set-up. If you are planning to use the space for just you and your partner, you can place two comfortable chairs facing out towards the back yard with a bistro table in between. If you have a large patio, you have the option of filling the space with many chairs arranged in creative ways. They can be moved for various occasions. For example, you can make two rows that face each other, place them in a circle or semi-circle, or scatter them around the patio for social occasions.


If you seek to create a traditional ambiance, placing two full-size sofas face to face with a long coffee table in between may be the way to go. Another classic arrangement is a sofa and two chairs, just like your living room. When space is limited, try using a sectional to maximize seating while creating boundaries. Sectionals offer more seating for a smaller amount of floor space. They also have the advantage of creating a “corner” effect that delineates your seating area.

Chaise Lounges

We typically think of chaises for lounging by the pool, but they can be a very cool addition to your patio set up as well. They can be used to create an asymmetrical effect along with the rest of your furniture. There are usually one or two lounges, rarely more. Many people move their chaise lounges with the change of seasons, but with small patios they usually stay in one place. Even if it will stay in place, make sure it can rotate 360 degrees.

Dining Tables

Dining al fresco is the most important use for outdoor spaces when more families are choosing to entertain at home rather than go out to eat. If you have a large patio, you can create separate dining and seating areas by sectioning off your sofas and chairs from your dining table. Place an outdoor rug in the seating area to highlight the separateness of the space. If you are working with a small patio, you can still have a dining table. Just limit the number of chairs for casual seating and replace traditional dining chairs with benches to keep the space more open and light.


If you are considering a built-in grill, remember that it requires positioning next to the nearest doorway and kitchen. For smaller patios and homes, this is usually not the best choice because it can use up square footage that takes the place of more active use areas. A portable grill is more doable, plus it offers you the choice of different sites for grilling during summer and winter, when you need to stay cool or warm.

Patio Design and Outdoor Pavers in Colorado and Arizona

For outdoor flooring, you can use pavers, which are paving-like materials such as stone, brick, tiles, or shaped pieces of concrete. Pavers are available at Pioneer Landscape Centers. Oftentimes, landscapers will use interlocking pavers and hardscapes when designing their spaces. They can be used to build outdoor walkways or to break up individual sections of a partitioned backyard. For DIY home design, pavers are affordable, require minimal maintenance, and can be used creatively to design your patio and backyard flooring.

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