What Are the Best Decorative Landscaping Rocks?


There are many functional reasons to use rock in your yard, but who say’s your outdoor space can’t remain practical and look good doing it? Landscaping rock can be used for much more than just creating pathways, stable areas, and texture in your yard. There are many ways to utilize this tool to give your space flair and character. With decorative rock, there is a style for every yard and every person. If you want more information about decorative landscaping rocks for your yard, contact the experts at Pioneer Landscape Centers today!

Add Color to Your Yard

Using rocks in your landscape is a great way to add color to the yard.

Blue landscaping rock adds visual interest to an otherwise barren landscape.

Crimson hues add warmth and brightness to any yard.

Use polished pebbles or beach pebbles to create a smooth, tranquil landscape. These small stones are unique because the colors of each vary quite a bit. This adds vibrancy to any existing feature in your yard.

White marble chips can be used to add brightness as well.

River Rocks are Versatile

If the pebbles and small stones listed above are not your style, you can try river rock to get the same design with larger stones.

Smaller river rocks are great for pathways and gardens. Large river rocks are a popular choice for lining gardens and water features in your yard. It is a perfect way to create a boundary that still feels organic and natural.

Rocks are a Great Alternative

Mulch is a cost-effective way to cover your garden. However, for some, the look does not always last as long as they imagined. Using rocks to replace your mulch will give a much more formal look to your landscape. Landscaping rocks may cost a bit more than mulch, but they are longer lasting and add a rich character to your space.

Unique Stones to Use in your Yard

There are many unique landscaping rocks you can use in your yard, but riprap rock is always a great place to start. This may only look appropriate in larger yards, but you can use it in a variety of ways for both small and large spaces

Riprap rock is the pile of rocks you see by shorelines and bridge foundations. It’s a group of rocky material that usually varies widely in size and is stacked in a natural way to create a barrier. It is mostly used on the outskirts of lakes and rivers to keep the water from eroding the shoreline. Riprap best compliments a small pond or water feature, as well as being used for the outskirts of your yard. Keep in mind, riprap doesn’t necessarily have to be used to stop water erosion. It can be used solely for aesthetics.

Another unique rock is lava rock because it is comprised of volcanic stones. Not only are they beautiful, they can add some functional purpose to your yard in colder climate as well. They naturally absorb heat during the day and release it at night when the temperature drops. Who needs a fire pit when you have a cozy bed of lava rock in your yard?

Go Traditional with Your Design

One of the most traditional stones used for landscaping is cobblestone, and for good reason. These stones are extremely versatile, durable, and come in a wide array of colors and sizes. Not only do they fit within any landscape, they can be used for almost any purpose.

Whether you need a pathway, patio, wall, or streambed, these stones can be used for any and everything.

With all these decorative rocks to choose from, it’s always helpful to have a professional landscape supplier on your side. Pioneer Landscape Centers knows how to use rocks to their full potential. Don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 525-4079 if you have any further questions!