What are Today’s Hottest Backyard Design Trends?


Have you been considering getting your backyard landscaping redone, but haven’t been able to decide what your new design should look like? Pioneer Landscape Centers’ team of experts is here to help! We have curated a list of today’s hottest backyard design trends to make it easy for you to find a new landscape that you’ll love. Browse through our entire list of amazing new designs, including sustainable landscapes, decorative landscape rock ideas and trends for any size backyard! Discover multiple possibilities with our guide, then give our team at Pioneer Landscape Centers a call to get professional help with landscaping materials today.

Backyard Landscape Designs for Sustainable Growth

This year is all about making the most, while using the least amount of resources. As a result, sustainable gardens and landscape designs have seen an increase in popularity. Sustainable landscapes encourage plants that require less water, and materials that do not need to be consistently cared for or replaced. If you’re interested in installing a sustainable landscape, start by looking into plants that are naturally resistant to drought weather. By choosing to shape your backyard around plants that do not need to be watered constantly, you can customize the accessories you choose to fit this theme. For example, choosing cactus for your backyard means that you will most likely commit to a more desert or western atmosphere in your design, and your landscape accessories will reflect this.

Backyard Designs with Better Quality

Recently, homeowners have started altering their backyard designs to show a more relaxed aesthetic, instead of the over-the-top trend that was popular a few years ago. Earthy woods have become more common for backyard accessories as well as porch materials and seating. This trend compliments every backyard because it ties all the natural elements together. As a plus, when the wood is handcrafted, each structure becomes a natural work of art. To install a quality set of accessories in your backyard, choose a consistent wood tone to incorporate throughout all your furniture.

Backyard Designs with Water Features

Installing water features in homes and backyards is not a new concept, but the popularity remains because the sound and the visual appeal is known for being incredibly calming. Adding a water feature to your landscape provides a tranquility for your space, and you’ll love relaxing in your backyard with the sound of water surrounding you. There are many ways you can incorporate a water accessory, but some of the most popular are through backyard water fountains and flowing rivers.

To make a statement with a water fountain, you will need decorative landscape rocks for the area around your fountain. Decorative landscape rocks will be useful if you choose to install a small creek or river throughout your backyard. Using decorative rocks may result in water splashing from time to time, so be sure that you are using plants around the area that won’t get over-watered.

Deciding where to place a river in your backyard may require help from a professional landscaping service, but if you find the perfect place to install this water feature, try to map out the entire length of the creek using your decorative landscape rocks. When you’ve chosen exactly where you would like your river, creek or pond, reach out to Pioneer Landscape Centers to have a qualified landscaping expert help you install your tranquil water feature. Get the backyard of your dreams when you contact Pioneer Landscape Centers at (866-525-4079).