Highlands Ranch business plans to redefine an industry

pioneer landscape centers hits 50 years, goes corporate

When consumers think of grocery stores, popular names like Whole Foods and King Soopers likely come to mind. When it comes to furniture, stores like Ikea and American Furniture Warehouse stand out.

As for landscaping, Sagi Cohen’s goal is to make Pioneer Landscape Centers the industry go-to.

“We are creating a destination for homeowners,” said Cohen, CEO. “We would like to become a No. 1 retail destination for landscape supply.”

Over the last 50 years, the company has grown from one mom-and-pop shop in Highlands Ranch to 37 retail centers, three plants and 23 quarries across Colorado and Arizona, with plans to expand to Texas, Nevada, and California this year. The retail centers include elaborate showrooms that span four to 11 acres, Cohen said.


The company’s headquarters remain in Highlands Ranch, at [630 Plaza Drive, Suite 150].

Pioneer Landscape Centers assists homeowners with all of their landscaping needs, from designing to viewing samples to buying the product.

Cohen wants to change the way homeowners approach the process.

“You think you should end up in Home Depot or Lowe’s, and then you end up with 50 brands,” he said. “We are positioning the industry to go straight to homeowners.”

Two years ago, Pioneer Landscape Centers went corporate and has since acquired two landscaping companies: Grand Materials & Supply in Arizona and Midwest Materials in Longmont.

Announced in June, the acquisition of Midwest Materials allows Cohen’s company to penetrate a new region in northwest Colorado. Midwest Materials has been in business 30 years. Its focus on community and customer service aligns with Cohen’s vision.

“It completed the puzzle for Pioneer inside Colorado,” he said. The transaction is one step closer to Pioneer Landscape Center’s end goal of being the leader of landscape services in the southwest territory of the United States, Cohen said.

What separates his company is simple, he said: product, cost and customer service.

“We are reinventing the wheel,” Cohen said.