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Pioneer Pavers – For Walkways, Driveways, And Much, Much More

Pavers are paving-like stones, bricks, tiles, or shaped pieces of concrete that are most commonly used in the construction of flooring for outdoor spaces. Interlocking pavers and hardscape are prominent features in landscape. Most often, they are used to build walkways, driveways, or to break up individual sections of a partitioned backyard. For DIY enthusiast, pavers can be used in endlessly creative ways. Additionally, pavers are affordable and low maintenance, which means that the work you do to build your perfect yard, will last.

At Pioneer, we believe in the importance of living outdoors, and we want to be your partner in outdoor living. Founded almost 50 years ago by Gary Schnurr, Pioneer is committed to the essential principles of integrity, perseverance, and customer service. From our early days as a one many company with a single service vehicle – Gary’s Chevy dump truck – to today, when we have the largest fleet of service and distribution vehicles in the southwest, we have never made sacrifices in terms of quality or customer service.

Over 70% of our Pioneer products are manufacture in-house, which means we are in charge of every level of production. We never skip steps or take the easy path. The Pioneer commitment to quality is upheld at every level. That allows us to state, with confidence, that Pioneer is the right choice when it comes to our landscaping material needs.

At the core of our business is our ability to serve large scale contractors and commercial customers alike. With a wide variety of materials, an incredible infrastructure, and speedy delivery, your project will always be on time and on budget.

Visit a Pioneer location today. We cannot wait to help you turn your dream yard into a reality!