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Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. does a wide variety of General Contracting projects, including, CDOT, Drainage Way Remediation, Trails and Parks, Infrastructure, and Golf Courses. These projects typically originate from Federal, State, County and private owners along the front range of Colorado.

Pioneer has done CDOT projects as far out as Cheyenne Wells, Colorado and County projects right here in El Paso County and Douglas County. Some of the area road improvements consist of Baptist Road, Akers Road and Waynoka Road in El Paso County and Russellville, Tenderfoot, Mohawk, Piney Creek, Travois Trail, and Tomahawk Roads in Douglas County. These projects consisted of mountain clearing, cut and fill operations, drainage way improvements, rock excavation, retaining walls, dewatering, roadbase installation, and asphalt paving.

Similar to the State and County General Contracting we have worked on several local infrastructure projects for area developers and builders. Projects have included new utilities, box culverts, pad construction/preparation, concrete flatwork, curb and gutter, asphalt paving, and complete signage and striping packages. These large infrastructure projects have been completed on both private developments and federal facilities, such as, Fort Carson and Peterson AFB.

General Contracting for the City of Colorado Springs and Urban Drainage in Denver Colorado has primarily consisted of drainage improvements and erosion protection in area water ways. Most projects consisted of large boulder drop structures, sheet pile cut off walls, concrete walls, stacked boulder walls, utility relocations, and complete re-vegetation according to Corp. of Engineers permitting. Two major challenges included relocating an active 30" sewer main across Cottonwood Creek, and protecting a 60" sewer line in the middle of Fountain Creek while constructing the drop structure. Pioneer Sand has also been an available source for the City of Colorado Springs during spring runoff events that have jeopardized area utilities. Quick mobilization and access to local resources in emergency situations has enabled us to help in the stabilization of sewer lines uncovered by severe weather events along the Sand Creek corridor.

Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. has also worked on several trail projects in the local area as well. Creek walk Trail in Manitou was completed in 2010. General Contracting with the City of Colorado Springs, City of Manitou and Manitou High School proved to be a successful venture between multiple owners along the back of the high school baseball field. Pioneer has worked on several trails in the Denver area including the award winning Jewel Wetlands project in Aurora Colorado where a local volunteer day helped complete the roadbase trail through the native surroundings and newly completed pond.

Some specialty projects consisted of the Driving range at the Broadmoor resort and the pond changes at the Colorado Springs Country Club.

Pioneer is a licensed demolition contractor with 40+ years of construction experience. Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. in Colorado Springs has a complete demolition division including, structural demolition (commercial and residential), asphalt demolition, concrete or foundation demolition, underground utility demolition and tree removal/clearing and grubbing.

In the past two years we have been involved in the demolition of approximately 200 homes on the Air Force Academy. During the last part of 2009 and the first month of 2010 another 70 plus homes have been demolished on Peterson Air Force Base as well. The demolition included single family homes, duplexes and multifamily dwellings. Along with the homes Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. demolished all the foundations, asphalt paving, concrete and vegetation.

Demolition Safety

Pioneer Sand Company in Colorado Springs, has expanded our safety program around the demolition division to better satisfy the unique risks. Safety is of the highest concern at Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. and checklist certification and extensive training have been put into place to help create a safer environment for our employees. Our checklist is a tool which keeps track of all the details included in demolishing a building. It keeps track of permitting, utility disconnects, hazardous material identification and disposal, site security, public notifications and signage, demolition procedures, recycling, loading and hauling, and project record keeping. These procedures help to coordinate communication within our company and with the owner/contractor.

Demolition Recycling

Along with our safety concerns Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. has purchased a uniquely equipped CAT Excavator to expedite the demolition process and create recyclable materials from the demolished debris. The concrete and asphalt that is removed during the demolition activities can be removed to a recycling plant for future use on other projects. Metal structures or beams can be picked out of the structure and sent to a scrap yard eliminating debris in our local landfills.

Complete Site Demolition Packages

Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. in Colorado Springs will also provide the owner/contractor a complete demolition package to include all abatement, permitting, demolition, site grading, and permanent erosion control.

Pioneer is a large grading and excavation contractor in the Colorado Springs metro area. We specialize in commercial building projects, infrastructure, El Paso County projects, Department of Transportation projects and Federal Projects on Fort Carson, Schriever AFB, Peterson AFB, and the Air Force Academy. Pioneer is a diversified company that can do your initial over lot grading, structural excavation, backfill, fine grading, and topsoil respread.

Types of Excavation Projects

Excavation projects from simple to small to as large as an airline hanger or COF facility at Fort Carson. Pioneer Sand has scrapers, trackhoe, a fleet of loaders (50 +), backhoes, and skid steers for any excavation or backfill project. Pioneer will do all structural footing excavation and backfill, grading of building slabs, under slab gravel installation, foundation drain excavation and installation, retaining wall excavation, detention pond excavation and grading, and over excavation and backfill for buildings which require extensive soil processing.

Company Expertise

Pioneer has 40+ years of experience dealing with the highly complex nature of the Front Range. From mass excavation and soil processing jobs on Fort Carson to the simple projects around Colorado Springs, Pioneer, will deliver quality projects on time. Pioneer has put together a fleet of equipment specifically suited for the different project types located in our area. Pioneer has invested in state of the art bidding and takeoff software to handle the complicated excavation and grading files acquired during the bidding process. This software gives Pioneer the ability to better define site quantities and excavation budgets for the general contractor. We can help to eliminate costly imports and exports as it relates to site grading.

Base/Corp of Engineers Experience

Pioneer has completed grading and excavation projects all over Fort Carson with the Corp of Engineers. Pioneer has implemented the Corp of Engineers safety program into our OSHA based safety culture to further demonstrate our commitment to safety. Pioneer has developed an administrative structure specifically targeting all the paperwork and reports as it relates to the Davis Bacon reporting system. Pioneer has worked hand in hand with the local base dig permit offices on Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, and the AFA to better facilitate safe and productive excavation and grading projects.

Pioneer maintains multiple utility crews. Projects run from as small as $5000 to as large as $5,000,000. Pioneer has projects all over the front range of Colorado and is currently working on just about all the military installations within 100 miles, including, Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, and Buckley AFB. Pioneer Sand is a complete utility company; installing, water line, sewer line, storm line, gas line and underground borings.


Pioneer Sand has an extensive training and safety plan developed with both OSHA and the USAC EM 385-1 as guidelines. Monthly safety meetings and continuous inspections from our in house safety manager keep Pioneer Sand a step above the rest of the utility contractors in our area. Pioneer Sand’s safety culture has resulted in a MOD rate that continues to be below the industry standard.


Pioneer Sand maintains a fleet of excavators and support equipment with our state of the art repair facility located in Colorado Springs. Pioneer supports our utility crews around the clock with a company owned fuel and service trucks. Night crossings, connections in major arterials, and high security projects are all a part of the normal work load at Pioneer Sand. We pride ourselves on being able to complete complicated utility projects with tight schedules and small budgets.


Pioneer Sand has an excellent relationship with Colorado Springs Utilities, the local water districts, and the Department of Public Works at Fort Carson. Pioneer works with all the local agencies and water districts so your utility projects are bid correctly and installed per local specifications.


Pioneer Sand field operations are supervised with an Operations Manager, Superintendents, and multiple foremen with over 100 years of combined utility experience. This allows for problem solving and problem avoidance when it comes to the best interest of our clients and owners.

Building Projects for 40 Years

Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. has a reputation based on experience and quality control. Pioneer Sand has little turnover within the management group. Three project managers have over nine years with Pioneer and the Vice President in charge of this division has been with the company for 20 years. We will provide complete construction management capabilities for all phases of civil construction; including earthwork, dry and wet utilities, asphalt, concrete, and landscaping. Pioneer’s management team is capable of managing multiple sub-contractors and multiple phases of any size civil project.

Management Experience

Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. takes pride in our work. We have been a successful local civil contractor for 40+ years and counting. Long lasting relationships with General Contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, federal county and city governments have given Pioneer Sand a diverse background in the construction industry. Examples of recent projects include work onprivatized housing and Matoc projects at Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, and the Air Force Academy, roadway projects at Baptist and Akers roads, drainage way improvement projects in Cottonwood, Fountain, Monument, and Sand creeks, and Hi-Tech/commercial projects with Intel, Oracle, Progressive and Costco.

Field Information

The field is dedicated to the reputation that has been earned over the last forty years. From the operations manager to the field superintendents the experience within the company is unsurpassed. Pioneer’s commitment to employees and their loyalty to the company produces high quality projects year after year. The training and newer equipment lets our highly skilled operators turn out quality work.

Equipment & Support

Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. has a diverse fleet of equipment to adapt to the needs of all clients. The Pioneer scraper fleet consists of 627’s and 623’s. A substantial loader fleet (50+) is used throughout the company assisting in both structural excavation and structural backfill. The loader fleet can be called on for both large projects and small projects. Skids, backhoes, water trucks, compactors, etc. fill in for a complete excavation and utility contractor. Pioneer also uses an extensive track hoe fleet to complete utility projects and water distribution projects. The trucking fleet consists of over 300 units, including, tandems and semis. Our 14,000 SF maintenance facility is located in Colorado Springs to better assist our operations in the local community. Service trucks operate out of this central location to keep the fleet running at optimal efficiency. Crushing and screening equipment operate in pits and quarries in Colorado and Arizona.




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