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Commercial Sales can source the largest variety of materials


** Contact us if you are not finding what you are looking for! **


Pioneer has been a part of many commercial projects across the Southwest. These are just a few:

CONTACT US AT 855-460-5689
Commercial Sales Manager: Ken Wardken.ward@pioneerco.com(480) 254-7904
Phoenix Landscapers / Northern Golf: Isaac Zuder
isaac.zuder@pioneerco.com(480) 735-1377
Phoenix Golf: Steve Witte
steven.witte@pioneerco.com(602) 989-2260
Tucson Landscapers / Tucson Golf: Aaron Corona aaron.corona@pioneerco.com(520) 954-2801
Municipalities / Heavy Civil:
Monica DePriest
monica.depriest@pioneerco.com(480) 267-5556
Hardscapes: Gerise Adams gerise.adams@pioneerco.com(623) 224-1195
Phoenix Landscapers / Erosion Control:Jaime Garvinjaime.garvin@pioneerco.com(602) 818-2387
Phoenix Landscapers / Lighting:Dustin Goforthdustin.goforth@pioneerco.com(602) 388-5433
Commercial Coordinator Supervisor:Justin Remingtonjustin.remington@pioneerco.com(480) 747-6170
Commercial Coordinator:Lance Johnsonlance.johnson@pioneerco.com(480) 469-0570
Commercial Coordinator:Kaighty Scottkaighty.scott@pioneerco.com(480) 268-5073
Commercial Coordinator:Carrie Yazziecarrie.yazzie@pioneerco.com(480) 414-1017

Outside Salesjeremy.jordan@pioneerco.comJeremy Jordan720387-9589
Outside Salesmichael.ford@pioneerco.comMichael Ford720-250-7879
Outside Sales
daniel.colwell@pioneerco.comDaniel Colwell719-491-4640
Outside Sales shawn.starr@pioneerco.comShawn Starr719-338-6161
Customer Service jody.rosa@pioneerco.comJody Rosa720-503-1713
Customer Service leanne.maddox@pioneerco.com Leanne Maddox719-491-2813
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Materials Calculator

Our materials calculator is meant to serve as an estimate of product needed. Changes in landscape elevation and other terrain factors may affect these results. For best results, please consult a Pioneer Sales Professional at any of our locations.

The Pioneer Commercial Sales Team has been involved in some of the largest and most ambitious projects in the Southwest. Having earned a reputation for providing top-quality materials for projects ranging from railways, golf courses, hardscape, and municipal projects, Pioneer has the experience and resources necessary to meet all of your construction and maintenance needs.

Our Commercial Sales Team is responsible for many of the freeway and beautification projects all over Arizona and Colorado. From rock and land graphics to large scale commercial buildings, our rock, hardscapes, and aggregates have helped numerous owners, contractors, and landscape architects achieve their design aesthetic.

If you require an account with Pioneer, please download our credit application below and return to

pioneerAR@pioneersand.com in our credit department.